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How to be happy blog

4 Real Ways To Stop Running Away From Your Problems
What Is Your Purpose In Life? (Real Examples Of Others)
This Is How Therapy Can Make You Happier (With Examples!)
7 Ways To Heal People-Pleasing (With Examples And Tips)
4 Simple Ways To Show Compassion (Backed Up By Science)
5 Ways To Beat Imposter Syndrome (And Be Happy With Yourself)
3 Simple Tips To Journal For Self-Improvement
How To Do Future Self Journaling (With 4 Real Benefits)
Eat Green, Be Happy: Evidence Of The Connection Between Veganism And Happiness
How To Stop Worrying About The Future (4 Science-Based Tips)
Examples of Emotional Self Awareness And Why You Need It
The Powerful Relationship Between Gratitude And Happiness (With Actual Examples)
Can You Be Happy Without Friends (Or A Relationship)?
5 Real Ways To Stop Ruminating (According To New Studies)
What Is Your Why? (5 Real Examples To Help You Find Yours)
Where Does Happiness Come From? (Internally, Externally, Relationships?)
Can’t Find Happiness? 5 Actionable Things To Try!
What Does Happiness Mean To You? (11 Different Meanings)
The Meaning Of Happiness: Word Association Study Shows How People Describe Happiness
Can Journaling Replace Therapy? (Journaling As Therapy)
Interviewing Lana Blakely – Thoughts On Journaling, Favorite Quotes And More…
Can Happiness Be Learned? (Examples, Studies And Answers)
Comparing Happiness To The Stringency Of A Country’s COVID-19 Response (Data Study)
7 Ways To Be Less Selfish (But Still Enough To Be Happy)
Why Happiness Is Difficult To Define (+Asking Others For Answers)
Announcing The New Tracking Happiness Diary (New!)
How To Live Life With Intention (4 Actionable Ways)
Extreme Minimalism: Can It Make You Happy? (Pros and Cons)
How To Get Unstuck In Life (4 Best Tips)
4 Ways To Find Happiness Through Yoga (From A Yoga Teacher)
How to Stand Up for What You Believe in (5 Tips + Examples)
How To Not Let Things Bother You (6 Tips With Examples)
The Pros (and Cons) Of Reading Self-Help Books
How to Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety (3 Tips with Examples)
5 Methods to Stop Overthinking Everything (Evidence-Based)
7 Examples Of Self-Awareness (and Why It’s So Important)
5 Ways Journaling Helps with Anxiety (Practical Evidence-Based Tips)
Why Is Happiness So Important? (For You & For The Greater Good)
Examples of Gratitude (+5 Gratitude Tips to Be More Grateful)
8 Secrets Of Self-Discipline (Benefits And Tips)
Why Is Meditation So Important? (5 Reasons And Examples)
5 Ways To Get Back On Your Feet Right Now (Full Guide)
6 Helpful Ways To Stop Being Negative About Yourself
How To Practice Non-Judgment (3 Ways + Studied Benefits!)
4 Ways To Be More Genuine (Actionable Tips Based On Science)
(Meta) Showcasing Tracking Happiness’ Design Changes!
What Is Self-Soothing? (6 Science-Backed Tips And Examples)
5 Things That Cause A Lack Of Motivation (+ How To Fix Them!)
9 Ways To Enrich Your Life (Real Examples And Studies)
How To Feel More Secure (And Why It’s So Important)
5 Lifechanging Benefits Of Being Patient (Proven By Studies)
Here’s How Happiness Depends on Your Attitude (Science-based)
6 Ways to Self-Care Journal (How to Journal for Self-Care)
7 Ways To Create A Live You Love (Actionable Tips)
Neuroplasticity: Examples of How It Can Make You Happier
Men Are 250% More Likely To Associate Sex With Happiness Than Women, Study Finds
5 Ways To Be More Persistent (With Examples And Studies)
How To Change Your Mind To Be Happy (With Real Examples)
How To Stop Being A Victim Of Circumstance (Science & Tips)
Self-Appreciation: What Is It and Why Is It Important?
What Factors Determine Our Happiness? (New Study Analyzes 1,155 Answers)
How To Focus On Yourself And Not Others: 8 Actionable Tips!
How to Be Proud of Yourself [5 Purposeful Steps!]
How To Deal With Emotional Pain: Actionable Tips and Examples
Does Success Equal Happiness? (Examples & 3 Reasons Why It Doesn’t)
How To Overcome Self-Pity And Get Happier: 7 Actionable Tips
How Much Of Our Happiness Is Genetic? (New Study Results!)
The Importance Of Good Company Of Friends [3 Tips To Nurture Your Friendships!]
How Much Of Our Happiness Is Circumstantial? (New Study Results!)
How to Practice Forgiveness Daily (4 Tips With Examples)
How to Bring Happiness to Others [3 Tips That’ll Make YOU Happy, Too!]
The Importance Of Assertiveness: Examples And Tips
How to Not Let People Steal Your Joy: 3 Actionable Tips
40% Of Your Happiness Comes From Within: New Study Supports Popular 2005 Statistic
How To Deal With People Letting You Down (4 Actionable Tips!)
How To Make Your Life More Interesting [4 Inspiring Tips!]
Can Self-Awareness Be Taught? [3 Actionable Steps to Learn It!]
How to Deal with Negativity: 5 Proven and Actionable Tips
How To Handle Your Emotions (5 Actionable Tips!)
The Importance Of Resilience (How It Creates More Happiness In Life)
How Does Sustainable Behavior Influence Our Mental Health? (The Psychology of Sustainability)
Controlling Happiness Correlates With 32% Higher Happiness (New Study Results)
How The Media You Consume Affects Your Mood
(New) Happiness Survey – Large Scale Study Results
How To Want Less And Be Perfectly Happy
What Really Matters In Life (And How To Find These Things)
Simple Living Tips: How To Simplify Your Life
How To Leave The Past Behind (And Live A Happier Life)
Can Happiness Be Achieved Without Money? (Studies & Examples)
Why Does Giving Make You Happy (With Real-Life Examples)
How To Overcome Jealousy (4 Simple Steps With Examples)
Can Journaling Improve Memory? (Yes, Here’s How & Why)
Guiding Words – 5 Examples And Why You Need Them!
Try Something New Today To Be Happy: Full List Of Tips!
Why Happiness Is Not Always A Choice (With 3 Actionable Tips)
How To Get Your Mind Off Something (5 Efficient Tips)
Are Humans Meant To Be Happy? (Here’s What Science Says)
How To Start Journaling? (Complete Guide With Examples)
How to Turn Negativity into Positivity (With Examples)
How To Stop Worrying About Others (With 3 Actionable Tips)
Hormones Of Happiness: What Are They And What Do They Do?
Here’s How To Keep An Open Mind (& How It Will Benefit You!)
How To Be Happy With What You Have (6 Actionable Tips)
How To Be Happy With Who You Are? (4 Actionable Tips)
Mental Benefits Of Walking: Here’s Why It Makes You Happier!
What Are You Thankful For? 21 Examples Backed Up By Studies
Can Pursuing Happiness Make You Unhappy? (Studies and Tips)
How To Stop Living In The Past (Move Forward To A Happier Life)
Benefits Of Self-Reflection (With 4 Actionable Tips)
11 Examples Of Optimism (How To Embrace Optimism)
How To Remember Your Life? Remembering Memories Into A Timeline Journal
Can You Fake Happiness? And Should You? (Social Media Or Real Life)
Top 6 Things Money Can’t Buy (+ What To Do About It)
Self-Honesty: Examples Of Why It’s So Important (+ Studies)
Can Happiness Be Bought? (Answers, Studies + Examples)
Productive Things To Do When Bored (Staying Happy In Times Like These)
Yes, Your Life Purpose Can Change (Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing!)
Causes Of Unhappiness: Why Everyone Is So Unhappy (With Examples)
Inspiring Stories On Finding True Happiness (by Syrian Refugees)
How To Journal Every Day: Guide For Beginners With Tips
Happiness Activity Ideas: Science-Backed Activities To Up Your Happiness
Surprising Benefits Of Volunteering (+ Science Says It Makes You Happier)
Short Term Happiness vs Long Term Happiness (Examples And Pictures)
Best Books On Finding Purpose In Life (For An Inspiring 2021)
Positive Changes In Life: Actionable Tips On Being Happier Today
Best Books On Positive Thinking (For A Happy 2021)
Why Happiness Is A Journey And Not A Destination
How To Be a Good Friend (And Be Happy As A Result!)
Lower Your Expectations To Be Happier (How To Let Go Of Expectations)
How To Improve Self-Awareness: 4 Actionable Methods
Here’s How To Spread Happiness (And Why You Should Try)
How Happiness Is An Inside Job (Researched Tips And Examples)
How To Accept Yourself And Be Happier In 2021 (Tips)
Fear Of Starting Something New? Here’s What To Do!
The 50-40-10 Rule Of Happiness – What Is It?
(New) Tracking Happiness Survey – Win $100 For 2 Minutes Of Your Time
How To Journal For Self-Awareness (+Tips and Examples)
Top 10 Factors Responsible For Happiness (Actual 2020 Data)
Mindfulness Benefits and Examples (As Per Science)
How Much Does Exercising Make You Happier? (Research + Tips)
How Can Journaling Help You Be Successful? (Examples and Science)
Can Happiness Be Controlled? Yes, Here’s How!
How To Find Meaning In Life – 4 Simple Actionable Steps
Are Sociopaths Happy? (Explained By Psychology And Examples)
Can Happiness Lead To Confidence (Yes, Here’s Why)
How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others (And Be Happy Instead)
How Much Do Friends Make You Happier? (As Per Science)
Happiness Is Outside Your Comfort Zone: Here’s Why (+ Examples)
How To Rekindle A Friendship (And Become Happier In The Process)
Here’s Why You’re Not Confident (With Real Methods To Change This)
Do I Deserve To Be Happy? (Full Guide On Deserving Happiness)
7 Activities That Will Boost Your Self-Esteem (With Examples)
Why Is It Important To Have A Purpose In Life? (Research + Examples)
How To Forgive Someone Who Hurt You Emotionally (5 Actionable Steps)
How To Achieve A Positive Mindset (Actionable Tips And Examples)
“My Life Sucks” – What To Do If This You (Actual Strategies)
Morning Anxiety: How to Deal with it (Actionable Tips and Examples)
Does Everyone Deserve To Be Happy? Actually, No (Unfortunately)
How Happiness Comes from Within – Examples, Studies, and more
What The F*ck Is Wrong With Me? (No BS Advice & Examples)
Happiness Is Contagious (Or Not?) – Examples, Studies And More
What Is A Purposeful Life? (How-To, Examples + Tips)
Pillars Of Happiness (5 Foundations Of Happiness)
When Can I Be Happy? (Answer, Tips, Examples)
How Can Happiness Be Defined? [Definition + Examples]
Can Journaling Be Harmful? [Answers, Examples & How To Avoid It]
Running Increases My Happiness – Data-driven Happiness Essay
How Long Can Happiness Last? (Personal Data And More)
Can Happiness Cause Anxiety? (Yes, Apparently)
Can Happiness Exist Without Sadness? [Answer + Examples]
The Key To Happiness: How To Find Yours + Examples
Justin Shares His Experiences With Tracking Happiness!
Tracking Happiness’ 2 Year Anniversary
What Makes Introverts Happy (How To, Tips & Examples)
4 Real Examples Of Materialism (+ How To Be Happier Instead)
How Happiness Is A Choice (With Real-Life Examples)
I Am Not Happy With My Life – 11 Actionable Remedies
What Is Happiness? – My Essay On Defining Your Happiness
What I’ve Learned From My Burnout Journal (2019)
Daylio Review – What You Can Learn From Tracking Your Mood
Examples of a Positive Mental Attitude and Why You Need It
20 Rules To Live By For A Happier Life in 2019
The Happiness Quotient: What is it and how to test yours!
Happiness Index: What is it and How does it work?
10 Things To Let Go Of To Be Happy! (+Bonus Tips)
Engineering A Happiness Prediction Model
I’m Hugo, The Author Of Tracking Happiness. Let’s Meet!
Grateful vs. Thankful: What’s The Difference? (Answer + Examples)
Diary vs. Journal: What’s The Difference? (Answer + Examples)
The Best Leather Journals For Your Specific Needs (2021)
Happy Mornings – Research On Personal Happiness And Waking Up
Interview With Happiness Expert Alejandro Cencerrado
Happiness On A Scale From 1 To 10 (How To + Implications)
What You Can Learn From Tracking Your Happiness! (Case Study)
Does Salary Justify Your Happiness Sacrifice At Work? [+Survey Results]
Am I Happy At Work? [analyzing my entire career from day 0]
Introducing the “Happy Blog”
How Long Distance Relationships Have Influenced My Happiness (Personal Study)
The Effect Of Sleep On Happiness [Complete Analysis] – Happiness Essay on Sleep: Part 1
Can Money Buy My Happiness? (Personal Data Study)
Happy In Love [Data Analysis] – Personal Happiness Study

My personal happiness journal

“Is The Pandemic Almost Over?” – May 2021
More Uneventful Happy Months – March & April 2021
Keeping Busy During Lockdown – January & February 2021
Happiness Review 2020 – Correlating The Pandemic To My Personal Happiness
Christmas Time In Lockdown – December, 2020
Back In Lockdown, Lots Of Re-adjusting – November 2020
Ultimate Happiness On Sabbatical? – October 2020
First Month Of My 1-Year Sabbatical – September 2020
A Much Better (More Relaxing) Month – August 2020
Worst Start Of A Month Ever – Happiness Journal – July 2020
Happiness Despite Stress And Insomnia – June 2020
Lockdown, Skateboarding And Nice Weather – May 2020
I’m Happier Than Usual During The Pandemic?! – April 2020
My Happiness Journal During The Start Of A Pandemic – March 2020
Stormy Stressful February, But Still Happy – February 2020
A Happy Start Of The Year – January 2020
Happiness Review 2019 – Summary Of My Journal & Lessons Learned
Last Month Of The Year – December 2019
More Stress At Work – November 2019
Autumn, Stress At Work And More Skateboarding – October 2019
Bosnian Holiday And Returning To My Normal Life – September 2019
The Most Stressful Period Of My Life – Monthly Happiness Journal – August 2019
Skateboarding In July? – Monthly Happiness Journal – July 2019
Challenging June – Monthly Happiness Journal – June 2019
Amazing May – Monthly Happiness Journal – May 2019
Marathon And Exploring The Azores – Monthly Happiness Journal – April 2019
Uneventful Happy March – Monthly Happiness Journal – March 2019
Sunny February – Monthly Happiness Journal – February 2019
Stressed And Less Happy – Monthly Happiness Report – January 2019
Studying My Happiness Journal – Lessons Learned [2018]
Stressed But Happy?- Monthly Happiness Report – December 2018
Beautiful Autumn – Monthly Happiness Report – November 2018
Back Home – Monthly Happiness Report – October 2018
Insomnia And Feeling Exhausted – Monthly Happiness Report – September 2018
Happy But Exhausted – Monthly Happiness Report – August 2018
My Most Productive Month Ever? – Monthly Happiness Report – July 2018
Ups And (slight) Downs – Monthly Happiness Report – June 2018
Here Comes The Sun – Monthly Happiness Report – May, 2018
Weekends With Friends – Monthly Happiness Report – April, 2018
First month of Spring – Monthly Happiness Report – March, 2018
A much better month – Monthly Happiness Report – February, 2018
Moving in with my girlfriend – Monthly Happiness Report – January, 2018
Yearly Happiness Statistics – 2017 [Complete analysis]
Apartment Hunting – Monthly Happiness Report – December, 2017
Music and Friends – Monthly Happiness Report – November, 2017
Relaxing October – Monthly Happiness Report – October, 2017
My infected wisdom tooth hole – Bad day – September 4th, 2017
Lagging Behind – Monthly Happiness Report – August, 2017
Working Abroad – Monthly Happiness Report – July, 2017
Amazing Montenegro Holiday – Monthly Happiness Report – June, 2017
Easy May – Monthly Happiness Report – May, 2017
The Paris Marathon [With Animation] – Good Day – April 9th, 2017
Busy April – Monthly Happiness Report – April, 2017
My Great Life – Monthly Happiness Report – March, 2017
Snowboarding in Skiwelt – Monthly Happiness Report – February, 2017
Weekend in Marrakesh – Monthly Happiness Report – January, 2017
Yearly Happiness Statistics – 2016 [Complete analysis]
Quiet December – Monthly Happiness Report – December, 2016
My Routinary Life – Monthly Happiness Report – November, 2016
Holiday in Turkey – Monthly Happiness Report – October, 2016
My Third Marathon [With Animation] – Good Day – September 25th, 2016
My Happiest Month – Monthly Happiness Report – September, 2016
Holiday To Macedonia – Monthly Happiness Report – August, 2016
Weekends In Belgium – Monthly Happiness Report – July, 2016
Hiking in Dachstein, Austria – Monthly Happiness Report – June, 2016
Musical Happiness – Monthly Happiness Report – May, 2016
My Second Marathon [With Animation] – Good Day – April 10th, 2016
Back in the Netherlands! – Monthly Happiness Report – April, 2016
Back To Costa Rica – Monthly Happiness Report – March, 2016
Back To Normal Life? – Monthly Happiness Report – February, 2016
My Breaking Point – Monthly Happiness Report – January, 2016
Yearly Happiness Statistics [Complete Analysis] – 2015
Mellau Snowboarding Trip – Monthly Happiness Report – December, 2015
When It Rains It Pours – Bad Day – November 8th, 2015
Welcome to Relationship Hell – Monthly Happiness Report – November, 2015
My First Marathon [With Animation] – Good Day – October 11th, 2015
Gaming For Happiness – Monthly Happiness Report – October, 2015
My Runner’s High – Good Day – September 21st, 2015
My First LONG Distance Relationship – Monthly Happiness Report – September, 2015
Finishing The Traineeship – Monthly Happiness Report – August, 2015
Camping in Croatia – Monthly Happiness Report – July, 2015
Surfing In Costa Rica – Good Day – June 28th, 2015
Kicking Ass In Costa Rica – Monthly Happiness Report – June, 2015
New Adventure In Costa Rica – Monthly Happiness Report – May, 2015
My Happy, Uneventful Life- Monthly Happiness Report – April, 2015
Enjoying My Normal Life – Monthly Happiness Report – March, 2015
My Worst Day Ever – Bad day – February 9th, 2015
Too much work – Monthly Happiness Report – February, 2015
Yearly Happiness Statistics [Complete Analysis] – 2014
Expat in Kuwait – Monthly Happiness Report – January, 2015
Losing A Relative – Monthly Happiness Report – December, 2014
Adapting To My Work – Monthly Happiness Report – November, 2014
Enjoying My Career – Monthly Happiness Report – October, 2014
Starting My Career – Monthly Happiness Report – September, 2014
Camping Lake Garda and Carinthia – Monthly Happiness Report – August, 2014
Hiking Rätikon, Austria – Monthly Happiness Report – July, 2014
Fox Glacier Skydive [With Photos] – Good day – June 12th, 2014
Sick On Holiday – Bad day – June 7th, 2014
I Hate Clubs – Bad day – December 21st, 2013
South Island Road Trip – Monthly Happiness Report – June, 2014
Tongariro Alpine Crossing – Monthly Happiness Report – May, 2014
McLaren Falls Park and Coromandel – Monthly Happiness Report – April, 2014
Friends Make You Happy – Monthly Happiness Report – March, 2014
The Travel Bug And Fluctuating Happiness – Monthly Happiness Report – February, 2014
Traveling, relationship and happiness – Monthly Happiness Report – January, 2014
My happy relationship – Monthly Happiness Report – December, 2013
My beautiful day and happiness rating – Good Day – December 23rd, 2013

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