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10 Things Bold People Do (and Why It Primes Them For Success)

by Madel

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Confident, brave, and fearless. These are some words that would come to mind when we talk of someone who is bold. If you’ve ever come across a bold person, you may have found it easy to be captivated by their energy and accomplishments.

Being bold is an admirable quality which can allow you to succeed and live with purpose. If you’re bold, your vision and ability to take action can help you achieve the life you always wanted to have.

Whether you’re looking to improve your relationships or level up your career, boldness can take you far and beyond your wildest goals. In this article, you’ll learn what it takes to be a bold person so you can build yourself up to be one!

Explaining boldness

According to psychology, boldness can be defined as “the tendency to accept risk.”

It can also be considered as the opposite of shyness which can appear as “inhibition in social situations” or “lack of exploration in an unfamiliar environment.”

The basic dimensions of personality can also explain boldness in an individual. Within the “Big 5” personality traits, boldness can be associated with openness. People with high levels of openness can exhibit boldness by:

Extraversion can also be linked to boldness. Those who have high extraversion can be described as outgoing and assertive.

They can be considered bold by:

For those who are naturally introverted or avoidant of new experiences, they may find bold people exhausting and intimidating. 

But if you’re someone who loves to put yourself out there, developing your boldness can lead you to an exciting path that can make you feel challenged and satisfied at the same time.

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Characteristics of bold people

Here are the traits and qualities of bold people that you can emulate:

1. They exude confidence

Bold people have a distinct presence as soon as they walk into a room. From how they hold their posture to the way they speak, they radiate confidence even when they find themselves in a situation they’ve never been before.

If you also want to exude boldness, you should own who you are and be assertive of that. Pro tip? It helps to fake it ‘til you make it!

2. They live in the moment

Ever heard of the catchphrase, “You only live once?” That’s a mantra that bold people swear by.

Whenever adventure presents itself, they don’t think twice to go after it because they believe that life is too short to miss out on opportunities.

Want to have less regrets in the future? Boldness in the present is the way to go!

3. They take the lead

Those who possess boldness have the ability to start conversations, make the first move, or initiate a new activity. It doesn’t matter if they’re with strangers or a new team – they’re likely to take the lead and motivate others to follow.

If you’re at the point in your career where you want to take on a leadership role or be part of something groundbreaking, then boldness can help you propel your goals forward.

4. They are honest

Part of being bold is being brutally honest. As bold people are not afraid of speaking their mind no matter the consequences, they can be completely transparent with their thoughts and feelings!

Being boldly honest is a good quality to have especially if you want to live an authentic life and have genuine relationships with the people who matter to you.

5. They are decisive

Making up your mind and having clear priorities are signs of boldness. Bold people tend to be straightforward because they don’t like to waste time and miss chances. They stick to their decisions no matter how daunting it can be.

If you want to be bold, be brave about making choices and don’t hesitate. Trust that you can make it work no matter how tough it can get.

If you want help, here’s our article on how to be more decisive.

6. They have big goals

Bold people are ambitious when it comes to setting goals.

Even when their dreams seem out of reach, it doesn’t stop them from making plans and preparing themselves to take a long and uphill climb.

For some, boldness can be risky and unrealistic. But, if you’re someone who loves to challenge yourself, being bold can result in a rewarding feat in the end.

7. They take action regardless of fear

Bold people aren’t just big dreamers. More importantly, they are also go-getters. They act on their goals and turn their vision into reality.

What’s even more admirable about bold people is that they don’t let fear stop them from starting something new.

Being bold is recognizing your doubts and going at it anyway. As they say, if your dreams don’t scare you, then they’re not big enough! 

8. They are likely to succeed

The more chances you take, the more likely you are to win. This is the reward that you get when you don’t let anything stop you from dreaming and doing.

As a bold person, you’re always one step closer to accomplishing your goals because you know how to put yourself out there and take action.

So, if you’re serious about succeeding, then you must be committed to doing whatever it takes. Go bold or go home!

9. They are not defeated by failures

Reality check: even the boldest people do fail at something. But, what’s important is their ability to stand back up and try again. They don’t let rejection or loss keep them from achieving what they set out to do.

To be bold is to be resilient. So, learn from your mistakes, get up, and take another shot!

10. They stand up for what they believe in

Bold people are firm and assertive when it comes to their values. They know how to say “no” when necessary, and they fight for the things that matter most to them including the people that they care about.

If you want to be bold, don’t let anything shake you especially if it would compromise your identity, goals, and the life you worked so hard to build.

If you need more pointers on this topic, here is our article on how to stand up for what you believe in.

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Wrapping up

Boldness takes strength and courage. You need to take risks and power through your fears in order to achieve the kind of greatness you know you’re capable of. For some of us, this doesn’t come easy. if you want to take the next step, then here’s our article on how to actually be more bold in life.

Do you consider yourself to be a bold person? Why do you think so? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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