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11 Signs You Have a Fiery Personality & Why That’s a Good Thing

by Silvia

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Looking for signs you have a fiery personality? You know, that vibrant, bold, assertive personality profile?

It’s fun to think about how to define ourselves, and there’s no shortage of personality systems to help us do that. But no test will tell you if you’re a fiery personality type (unless you’re taking a quiz in Vogue!). Rather, this identity is based on people’s impressions of you or signs you can notice about yourself. What are these signs? And can we, after all, find some science behind the fiery personality type? This is what I’ll be exploring in this article.

If you’re ready to dive deeper into understanding the fiery personality, just keep on reading. 

Scientific signs you have a fiery personality type

Are there any scientific signs you have a fiery personality type?

Interestingly enough, Jung defined something that not only matches the “fiery” personality but is even symbolized by the color “fiery red”.

Four Colour Energy Wheel Characteristics by Tracking Happiness

He defines this personality type as being:

  • Competitive.
  • Demanding.
  • Determined.
  • Strong-willed.
  • Purposeful.

Can we count this as scientific evidence? Although his accomplishments are extraordinary, he is still just a man with his own opinions. Personality types are such a complex topic, that it’s hard to define them precisely.

So use Jung’s profile if you feel it helps you understand yourself. But make sure you explore yourself outside any “boxes” as well.

Benefits and drawbacks to the fiery personality type

What exactly is the fiery personality type? As it doesn’t belong to any personality test system, there is no clear definition. Rather it’s based on the impressions and gut feeling of people who describe you.

And we’re always filtering information through our own biased lens. One person may believe it’s the best personality type on the planet. Another may stay a mile away from anyone even remotely “fiery”.

The truth is, any personality type has both great benefits and not-so-great drawbacks.

Benefits of the fiery personality type are:

  • You’re determined and go after what you want.
  • You persevere through challenges and don’t give up easily.
  • You’re not afraid to speak up and take a stand against injustice.
  • You protect “the underdog”.
  • You speak your personal truth, projecting your authentic self.

Drawbacks to the fiery personality type are:

  • You can be hot-tempered, with your emotions ruling you.
  • Your boldness sometimes slips a bit into aggression.
  • If taken overboard, your outspoken nature can make you a bit controlling.
  • If you’re not attentive, you may bulldoze over the needs and boundaries of others.
  • You may come across as confrontational, especially to softer personality types.

At the end of the day, the fiery personality type is whatever you make of it. You can use your gifts to be your best self or to do no small amount of mischief. 

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11 signs you have a fiery personality type

As we explore the signs you have a fiery personality type, you’ll find you resonate with some but maybe not others. That’s to be expected! Personality types are not meant to be a box you fit perfectly in. Rather, they are a moldable framework that you can identify with to different degrees.

Let’s dive into the signs and see which ones apply to you. 

1. You have strong passions

For one of the first signs of a fiery personality type, look at your free time. Do you lounge around, bored or scrolling, not knowing what to do? Or do you fill your time with activities that fulfill and excite you?

A fiery individual often has a calendar filled with hobbies and goals. It might be something you love to do for fun, such as playing video games. Or it could be a skill you’re trying to improve, such as shuffle dancing or learning a language. Or maybe it’s volunteering your time to a cause you believe in.

Whatever the case, the fiery personality tends to be one to find something meaningful to do with their time. 

2. You like to be the best

Are you unable to participate in a contest without trying to win it? Do you find it hard to leave a task at “good enough”, trying to show the best of your skills and competency?

This is the fiery personality type’s desire to excel. You want to show the world — and yourself — that you can achieve anything. 

It can make you a little overly competitive at times, but it is really something to admire. You immerse yourself in every experience fully and are able to find a drive to give things your all. 

3. You like to be spontaneous as a fiery personality type

Why should you plan out every minute of every day when life has so many possibilities? That’s the typical thinking of a fiery personality type.

Sure, you do have schedules and appointments — the world can barely function without them. But in your free time, you resist planning things out. It often makes you feel trapped or constrained. 

You prefer to keep your day open and see where your inspiration takes you. 

4. You’re not afraid to speak your mind

Here’s a personality trait that sometimes gets you in trouble. As a fiery personality type, you’re not afraid to speak your mind — even when it can ruffle some feathers. 

You’re never one to just stand by and watch something happening if you believe it’s unfair. Especially when it means someone is getting hurt or disadvantaged. You also often take the leader role because of your outspoken and assertive nature. 

5. Some people call you “intense”

Have you ever been called “intense”? This is another one of the signs you have a fiery personality type. 

This shows you have a very strong presence around others. Your emotions may come out strongly, and even when you feel neutral your words have a strong impact. 

A side effect of this is that you may feel like “too much” for some of the more reserved personality types. But on the other hand, you can do a very good job at motivating people or achieving goals. 

6. You’re full of energy (most of the time)

Being passionate, competitive, spontaneous, outspoken, and intense takes a lot of energy. Thankfully, as a fiery personality type, you have lots of it!

This is the person who can finish a day of work, stop at home for a quick shower, and head right out the door again. Of course, you need to recharge like anyone else, but compared to others it may seem like you have endless energy. 

This partially explains why you may have so many passions and a competitive nature — you have to channel all that energy somewhere! 

7. You like adventure

What is your outlook on life? For fiery personalities, life is like an adventure. You look to the future with hope and excitement, eager to discover all that life has to offer. More importantly, you take an active part in shaping the life you want, rather than passively waiting for it to happen “to you”.

This helps you live a rich, fulfilling life — but it can also put you in dangerous situations if you don’t apply careful judgment. 

8. You don’t follow the herd but do your own thing

Humans are hardwired to go with the herd — there is safety in numbers and comfort in belonging to a community. The fiery personality type, though, is a bit more of a lone wolf. They do like community, of course, but they’re not afraid to forget their own path as well. 

While others don’t question the status quo, you find yourself wondering “What if we did it like this?”. You see new possibilities and often take risks others aren’t willing to.

9. You never suck up to people

This is one of the signs of the fiery personality type that comes out at work. You have a really hard time buttering people up in order to get what you want. If you don’t agree with someone, you can’t pretend otherwise — even if it costs you something. 

The good thing about this is that you’re straight with people, and they know where they stand with you. Also, you put what you believe is right above all else.

But it can also come back to bite you. I know someone who consistently gets the lowest performance score in his office because he doesn’t suck up to the boss like everyone else. He says it’s his principle to never be fake to anyone — great for him. But sadly, this means he gets much lower bonuses than he could if he just changed his approach.

10. You stand your ground

Imagine you’re planning a project with colleagues — or a trip with friends. They want to make a decision you think is not the best. Do you cave to not be conflictive, or stand your ground?

The fiery personality type will do the latter. This can create some tension at times — I remember a personal example. I was in a small team organizing a Latin dance event to help build the local community. I had a strong opinion about one aspect — and another member had an equally strong, opposite opinion. 

I could have backed down in the name of group harmony. But this was something I believed was important, and I cared about the outcome of this event. 

Was it a long and slightly uncomfortable discussion? Yes. But I couldn’t not speak up — and in the end, I’m glad I did. It shows others that I’m committed to shaping a quality event. 

11. You call people out on their mistakes (but own up to your own too)

This is one of the least popular signs of the fiery personality type. But, it’s also the one that can lead to the most growth — for you and everyone around. When you see someone doing something wrong, you’re one of the first ones to call them out on it. 

It’s clear how this may not make you the most popular, especially among the “called out”. But people will learn to respect you for it. And the bright side is, you also apply this trait to yourself, and own up to your own mistakes. 

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Wrapping up

Now you know the 11 signs you have a fiery personality type. Do you recognize yourself, or someone you know in them? The fiery personality type is someone who adds a lot of zest and joy into life, with their spontaneous energy and adventurous spirit. So whoever this person is in your life, celebrate them — and the signs that you recognize within yourself.

Do you recognize yourself in this description of a fiery personality? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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