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10 Undeniable Characteristics of Kind People (With Examples)

by Madel

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Do you have someone in your life who’s always smiling, never fails to remember your birthday, and is consistently there for you whenever you need them? They have the biggest heart but never expect anything in return. 

Simply put, this type of person is undeniably kind. It turns out that there are some other characteristics of kind people that are quite easy to recognize. This is important because the world is always in need of more kindness. It’s not always easy to choose kindness, so experiencing goodness from other people can touch us in ways we would never expect.

Kind people are all around us if we look in the right places. Whether you want to spot genuine kindness or be the one to spread it around, keep reading to learn more!

Effects of kindness

According to psychology, kindness can be described as a “benevolent and helpful action intentionally directed toward another person.” It can also be associated with altruism which means doing something that benefits others even at one’s cost.

Kindness, no matter how big or small can go a long way. There are a handful of psychological studies on kindness and its effects on people. General findings suggest that performing acts of kindness can positively affect our physical and mental well-being and even reduce social anxiety.

Furthermore, acting kindly can also be contagious. Studies have found that when we receive kindness or witness other people show kindness, we are more likely to do the same or “pay it forward.”

Characteristics of kind people

If you want to nurture more kindness in your life, here’s everything you should be looking for.

Here are 10 undeniable characteristics of kind people to help you recognize kindness in the world.

1. They radiate warmth

Someone who is kind can instantly light up a room. They’re friendly, always glowing, and they greet everyone with a smile. We can’t get enough of kind people because they’re simply a joy to be around.

Surrounding yourself with kind people who are constant sources of sunshine is one way to get rid of the negative vibes in your life!

2. They lift others up

Kind people try their best to make everyone around them feel good. They’re always giving compliments and praises because they see the best in people.

When someone notices something good about you, it can instantly lift your spirits and boost your confidence. Whether it’s a new haircut or a job well done, don’t be shy to tell others how much you appreciate them!

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3. They never judge

Those who possess kindness don’t try to find flaws in other people. Rather than judging based on face value, kind people make an effort to really get to know someone and see the good in them.

The next time you meet someone new, do your best to keep an open heart. Your kindness might just reveal their best side!

If you want more tips on this topic, here’s our article on how to practice non-judgment in your daily life.

4. They are accepting

Kind people never let anyone feel excluded. If they see someone who seems feeling out of place or unseen, they know how to approach them and create a safe space for them.

If you want to show more kindness towards others, be accepting despite the differences you may encounter. By doing this, you’ll surely expand your circle and have more meaningful relationships.

5. They practice patience

Kindness and patience go hand in hand.

Kind people can remain calm and forgiving whenever they’re dealing with difficult situations. They accept that people make mistakes and not everything always goes as planned.

Managing our temper, being gentle, and giving others the benefit of the doubt are ways to practice patience. When something or someone is testing your patience, just take a deep breath and remember to choose kindness!

6. They are ready to help

Kindness isn’t just a type of energy you get from someone – it’s all about their actions. Kind people are always ready to lend a hand whenever someone needs it. It doesn’t matter if they’re a close friend or a stranger. Kind people will go the extra mile for anyone.

Doing an act of kindness can be extremely rewarding. Big or small, it can have an impact and even change someone’s life. So the next time a friend asks for a helping hand, you know what to do! 

7. They are thoughtful

People who are kind put a lot of effort into their relationships in the form of thoughtfulness. They remember your name even when you’ve only met them for the first time. They pay attention to your stories.

Also, they give the best sentimental gifts. And they can anticipate your needs and make sure that you’re taken care of.

Most of the time, kindness isn’t about how big the gesture is. It’s the thought that counts!

8. They have a lot to give

Kind people are generous, and they don’t mind offering their time and resources to others. For them, there is always plenty of love to go around. They live by the words, “Sharing is caring!”

Another aspect of kindness is giving and not expecting anything in return. The feeling of being able to give and help is already rewarding. When you are truly kind, being selfless just comes naturally.

If you want to improve this area of yourself, here’s our article on how to be less selfish.

9. They remain humble

Doing good things that positively impact other people’s lives is something any of us should be proud of.

But despite all the amazing work that they do, kind people never brag and manage to remain humble.

Kindness isn’t about scoring points or being the star of the show. If you want to be genuine with your actions, never do things just to get noticed or receive compliments. Do it from the heart, and let karma take care of the rest!

10. They are kind to themselves

Kindness isn’t just something that we put out to the world. It is also something that we nurture within ourselves.

Kind people believe that they can’t give what they don’t have, so they know how to be gentle and caring to themselves first.

Being kind to yourself means talking to yourself in a compassionate voice, being patient when you make mistakes, and allowing yourself to rest and recharge. Before you try to save someone else’s day, make sure that you aren’t letting yourself down in the process.

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Wrapping up

Kind people do wonders for the people around them just by being sincere, supportive, and compassionate. Without realizing it, they have the ability to make positive changes in the lives of those they encounter. Want to practice kindness? Start letting go of petty or malicious motives. Give people a chance without judging them. See the good in the world. And, most importantly, love yourself the way you would show love to others.

Do you consider yourself to be a kind person? How many of these characteristics can you recognize in yourself? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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