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6 Telltale Signs of a Bubbly Personality (and Its Meaning and Traits)

by Silvia

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Have you ever walked into a room and been instantly drawn to someone? There’s a good chance you were feeling the magnetic pull of a bubbly personality. These are the people who radiate warmth and energy, lighting up every room they enter and effortlessly brightening the days of those around them. 

But what exactly makes someone ‘bubbly’? Is it just their perpetual smile or is there more to this captivating trait? The truth is, this personality type is pretty straightforward, but there are elements to it you probably haven’t considered. 

So let’s dive in to uncover more about this great personality type. If you’ve ever wondered what makes your bubbly friends so special, this article will shed some light. 

What does it mean to have a bubbly personality?

When you think of a bubbly personality, you probably think of someone who’s smiling, laughing, and talking a lot in a cheerful tone of voice.

Well, that’s pretty spot-on for a bubbly personality. According to the Collins Dictionary, a bubbly person is: 

“Someone who is very lively and cheerful and talks a lot.” 

With just this one criteria, this leaves room for a very broad range of people to be characterized as “bubbly”. 

For example, there is no particular MBTI personality that constitutes the “bubbly personality” — in fact, any personality that has the letter “E”, standing for extraversion, could be bubbly. Many people believe that the ENFP is generally the closest to being bubbly, but there is lots of variation, and many others disagree with that

I myself have a close friend who is an ENFP, and he could definitely be characterized as “bubbly”. However, I also have a friend who is an INFJ, who is perhaps even more bubbly than him. 

There is clearly no particular profile that is “bubbly” — there can be as many beautiful variations and shades of “bubbliness” as there are people. But one thing is for sure, and that’s that these people are generally very well-liked. Let’s have a quick look at why.

Why people like bubbly personalities

Why is the bubbly personality so popular?

It’s quite obvious that people would much rather be around someone who’s happy rather than a constant grouch. But do you know why?

Research explains that being around happy people makes us happier too. In fact, you don’t even need to be in direct contact with them. This effect even extends to friends of friend’s friends! No wonder bubbly people have such an easy time making friends — they literally brighten up people’s lives

But what about how they feel themselves? Let’s take a look at the relationship between bubbliness and happiness. 

Are bubbly people always happy?

As bubbly people generally look and act happy, some people equate a bubbly personality to a happy person. But there’s an important distinction to make between bubbliness and happiness.

They are, of course, closely related. But bubbliness is more about the social behavior of a person. On the other hand, happiness is a long-term emotional state of well-being. A person can be very happy with their life without being bubbly. For example, I know many quiet and serious personalities who are living extremely fulfilled and happy lives. 

This contrast is harder the other way around: it’s difficult to appear cheerful all the time if you are very unhappy. So it’s safe to say that bubbly people are generally happy people, at least from the short-term perspective. Even so, some people are still positive and pleasant to be around even when they themselves feel negative emotions.

This is what researchers describe as “affective presence” — the way you make others feel, irrespective of the way you yourself feel.

A bubbly friend of mine is an excellent example of this. Even when I knew she was feeling down, sick, or upset, she was still able to communicate with a smile on her face. You could barely hear any negative emotion in her voice, and she continued to make everyone around her feel welcome and wanted.     

Clearly, bubbly people are wonderful to have around. Let’s look at the signs of a bubbly personality so you can recognize who these people are in your life.  

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6 signs you have a bubbly personality

How do you really know if someone has a bubbly personality? Here are 6 telltale signs!

1. They speak dynamically

One of the unmistakable signs of a bubbly personality is the dynamic way they communicate.

Ashley Howard, a professional voice coach, emphasizes that the manner in which a person speaks conveys a lot about them. This is not just about the words they choose, but also how they deliver them.

These key elements contribute to a bubbly speaking style:

  • Vocal dynamism: Bubbly people use a range of tones and intonations in their voices. This vocal variety keeps listeners engaged and conveys enthusiasm.
  • Breathing techniques: Their breathing patterns aid in projecting their voice confidently, enhancing their presence in a conversation.
  • Physical expression: They are expressive not only with their voice but also with their body language. Gestures and facial expressions play a crucial role in making their communication lively and engaging.
  • Rhetorical devices: The use of figures of speech and rhetorical devices adds flair to their language, making their conversation more captivating.

2. They make friends easily 

Individuals with a bubbly personality have an exceptional ability to connect with a wide array of people, making new friends seem almost effortless. They can do this even if they don’t have common interests or a shared background — because their secret is their ability to communicate. They approach every person with a positive attitude, a smile, and a willingness to strike up a conversation.

This makes others feel like the bubbly person likes them. And science has shown that we like people who like us. 

In professional settings, such as offices, those with bubbly personalities are often invaluable for fostering a sense of community. They are great at creating bonds among co-workers that transcend mere work-related interactions such as asking for help or passing on information.

3. They love being around people

Because bubbly people are usually in a good mood, they often attract many people around them, and end up being the center of attention. They’re the ones who liven up any party, are able to cheer up those around them, and in general create a fun time. This is a by-product of their personality, but it’s also something bubbly people usually enjoy — who doesn’t want to be liked by everyone?

Their personality makes socializing easy, and therefore stress-free and enjoyable. Research even shows that being in a good mood makes people show more kindness to others. And being kind to others in turn makes you happier

4. They’re passionate about life

One thing you’ll be sure to notice about bubbly people is their infectious enthusiasm for life. They want to experience all that life has to offer, and they do it with all the energy and passion they’ve got. They know how to enjoy even the simple, mundane moments, like cooking dinner or relaxing in bed. 

And of course, they have a drive to do big things with their life too. This might be doing the things on their bucket list, trying new experiences, or going fully after their goals. Whatever the case, bubbly people are often the ones to “make things happen”. This can be very inspirational to others as an example of how to live life to the fullest. 

5. They’re emotionally expressive

We all hide some feelings from time to time — thankfully! But bubbly people tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves. They’re the ones whose laughter fills a room and whose tears are quick to show in moments of sadness. When they’re passionate about something, you can see it in their animated gestures and hear it in their lively voice. They liven up every conversation and life in general. 

More than that, they usually feel emotions very vividly and fully. They aren’t just for show — bubbly people have an endearing rawness and honesty to their emotions.

This is another reason why they’re easy to get along with. You can be pretty sure you know where you stand as if the person is upset, they will probably show it. 

6. They’re optimistic

They say that what you look for is what you find. Perception can impact everything about your life — a happy person and a sad person viewing the same painting may have very different interpretations of it.

That’s why bubbly people are often able to find the positive in situations, even when it’s hard to find. Their overall happy nature primes them to see good things around them, and they tend to attract more of it to themselves. Moreover, they are often able to create good out of difficult situations. This optimism reinforces their bubbly nature, as it’s been shown that optimism increases happiness

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Wrapping up

Now you know more about bubbly people, including what it means to be one and 6 signs to spot one. Hopefully, you recognize many bubbly people in your life — perhaps you even are one yourself!

Though personalities are not something we are able to change about ourselves, we can all take steps to become more positive, cheerful people no matter what our personality type is. Take a look around at some of our other articles, and you’ll find plenty of tips to help you get started!

Do you know another telltale sign of someone with a bubbly personality? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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