33 Interviews With People Who've Been Helped By Reinventing Themselves

We have interviewed 33 people who have overcome struggles as a result of reinventing themselves. These stories show that zooming out and reinventing the way you lead your life is one of the most powerful ways to overcome struggles of mental health.

Most recent stories of people reinventing themselves

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I’ve interviewed 33 people who have been helped by reinventing themselves, and here are the top 5 struggles that these people have overcome:

  1. Depression (19 posts)
  2. Anxiety (15 posts)
  3. Suicidal (9 posts)
  4. Childhood (8 posts)
  5. Stress (7 posts)

In our many years of publishing helpful mental health content, we always received questions from our readers about specific situations. While we have a lot of helpful tips to share on how to be happier, we simply can’t offer advice for every situation.

That’s why I’ve set out to interview folks with every type of mental health struggle. My job as an interviewer is to categorize these interviews and present them in a way that is most helpful to our readers.

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Erika Sinner Featured Image

Navigating Pet Grief With EMDR Therapy and Vulnerability to Come Out Stronger Than Ever

“We’re all comfortable with sharing cute photos and stories about our pets, but do we feel equally comfortable sharing the depth of our grief when we lose them? My personal experience challenged me to reevaluate my own understanding and openness to discussing the hard things too. It doesn’t always have to be sunshine and rainbows.”

Rachel Miller Featured Image

My Journey to Get Back on My Feet After Alcoholism and an Ischemic Stroke

“The dual journey of recovering from a traumatic neurological event while also protecting my sobriety has felt daunting, perilous, and isolating. It felt like I’d been just practicing recovery from alcoholism for the past seven years just so that I’d be ready for the big test this year.”

Julijana Featured Image

My Bipolar Disorder Journey and How Therapy and Medication Help Me Navigate

“I wish I knew that I was worthy of the treatment and that everything I felt was valid. Because it is, no one is the same. Even with the same condition, we are all different. I was scared of what was happening to me. I was full of hatred, sadness, guilt, disappointment in the world, etc., but sometimes I still am! And that’s valid.”

Jonathan Wallace Featured Image

Confronting The Stigma around My ADHD and Embracing It to Reinvent Myself

“I finally came to grips that if I ever wanted to succeed, I would need to acknowledge my ADHD and get help. This was around the same time my son was diagnosed, and we started treating him. I talked to my doctor and started taking medication again. After a few weeks, I noticed a difference. I was finishing tasks, I was proactive and productive.”

Teresa Alesch Featured Image

My Lifechanging Cancer Journey and How I Recovered as a Stronger Woman

“What if it could prevent someone else’s journey from taking the destructive twists and turns mine had? What if it could help caregivers and medical providers anticipate the road ahead and help the survivor navigate? What if MY journey could have been a little smoother because I had read or heard about someone else’s journey? Before I knew it, I was on a path to publishing.”

Lisa Dimino White Featured Image

Overcoming Constant Fear and Anxiety With Therapy, Medication and Self-Improvement

“Every ache or feeling I had in my abdomen required a call or trip to my doctor’s office to get assurance that everything was okay. One morning on my way to work I slipped on the ice in my driveway….I wasn’t hurt, but I couldn’t stop obsessing over it until I knew that the baby wasn’t either.”