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10 Traits of Good-Hearted People (With Examples)

by Madel

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Key points

  • Good-hearted people exhibit traits like kindness and generosity.
  • They often stand up for others and make people feel included.
  • Balancing selflessness while ensuring self-care is crucial for sustainability.

Having a nice personality and a big heart is a strength that many people might take for granted. Oftentimes, we think that finding success and happiness is all about being competitive and getting ahead. But letting our humanity guide us can actually lead us towards a more purposeful life.

Good-hearted people radiate warmth and show kindness wherever they go. As a result, they build more meaningful connections and create the most impact in their own corner of the world. Doesn’t that sound much better than gaining titles and material wealth?

If you want to focus your energy on good-hearted deeds that turn into priceless rewards, then keep reading!

Explaining a good-hearted personality

In psychology, being good-hearted can be associated with a certain personality trait called “agreeableness.”

It is one of the five dimensions of personality which can be described as being pleasant, cooperative, and kind.

Good-hearted people may possess high levels of agreeableness and show it in ways such as:

  • Being altruistic.
  • Caring about the needs of others.
  • Having empathy.
  • Being trustworthy.
  • Finding joy in helping others.

Being good-hearted or nice to people can also bring more positivity into your life.

According to a recent study, those who are nice to others are likely to get the same in return. This is because we have the tendency to reciprocate the same behavior shown to us by another person.

This also means that the more good-hearted we become, the more kindness we bring out from the people around us!

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10 traits of good-hearted people

If you want to spread warm vibes around, here are some traits of good-hearted people that you can apply to your daily life.

1. They have a bright presence

With their gentle and sunny persona, good-hearted people can instantly uplift your spirit when you encounter them. Their presence alone can turn a bad around because they always have a warm smile and a sincere curiosity about how you really are.

If you want to bring out the best in people, start by offering genuine greetings to the next person you see!

2. They always choose kindness

Being kind in a harsh world can be difficult. But those with a genuinely good heart still manage to choose kindness over doubt, judgment and hurt. No matter how much they struggle in life, they would rather lift others up than bring them down.

Kindness can be practiced in many ways. Big or small, always remember that no act of kindness ever goes wasted. So take the chance whenever you can!

3. They are generous

Good-hearted people are always willing to spread their blessings around. Whether it’s giving their time or sharing their resources, they don’t think twice even when they end up not having much for themselves.

Being generous also means that you don’t expect anything in return. Why not try volunteering or donating to charities to further develop your generosity?

4. They have empathy for others

Being able to put oneself in another’s shoes is a superpower that good-hearted people have. They show compassion especially when people around them are having a hard time.

The next time you encounter someone who’s having difficulties, the kindest thing to do is to see the world through their eyes. It will give you the knowledge and tenderness to help them through their struggles.

5. They have an open mind

Good-hearted people are always the ones who understand you even when you don’t say a thing. They seem to have a deeper awareness of people and the world. They listen with their heart and are never quick to judge.

Having an open mind means accepting new ideas and different types of people. So always remind yourself to hear others out first before making a conclusion!

6. They make people feel included

Imagine yourself in a room where everyone is a stranger. You feel self-conscious, out of place, and unwelcome. Suddenly, someone approaches you with a kind smile and an easy charm that makes you feel like they’ve known you for a long time.

Those with a warm heart can make anyone feel included.

Remember that you don’t always have to choose who you interact with, especially at face value. This will also allow others to be their truest selves around you!

7. They see the good in people

People with a good heart are open and accepting. As a result, they tend to see the good in the world despite being proven wrong on many occasions.

They never give up on the people that they care about and always hold onto the hope that kindness will prevail.

No matter how challenging it can be, try your best to be patient. Don’t dwell on what’s going wrong. But rather, focus on the positives and how you can help those around you to change for the better.

8. They stand up for others

Good-hearted people believe that no one deserves to suffer. They can be protective, especially toward those who are vulnerable or disadvantaged. They stand up for others when they can’t do it on their own.

It takes courage to be able to advocate for other people. But having a big heart is all the strength you need to empower others and make the world a much better place to live in.

9. They are there through thick or thin

Having someone in your life with whom you can celebrate your wins and nurse your wounds is a gift. These good-hearted people may be hard to come by, but they are certainly for keeps once you connect with them.

Being a good-hearted person means that you stay loyal through thick or thin. Whether you’re someone’s cheerleader or shoulder to cry on, your constant presence can mean a lot more than you know.

10. They are selfless

It’s never easy to think of others before oneself. But for good-hearted people, being selfless comes quite naturally. Because they care so much, they have the tendency to put other people’s needs above their own.

As noble as this may sound, good-hearted people can sometimes neglect or sacrifice themselves in order to help others. Don’t forget that you can’t give what you don’t have, so always find time to recharge and look after yourself, too!

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Wrapping up

In the world we live in today, humanity can easily be forgotten. There are so many hardships that can test our morals and values. But as they say, there is strength in softness which is why we should never give up on being good-hearted. Just a friendly reminder: don’t let your pure heart be your weakness. Nurture your inner self first, so you can give more. Don’t let your light burn out, because the world needs more people like you to keep shining!

Do you recognize any of these traits within yourself? How would you describe a good-hearted person? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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  1. I think good-heartedness is a natural gift from the Gods. Once a person is good-hearted they remain so forever, because being good is what makes them happy.


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