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At Tracking Happiness, we're dedicated to helping others around the world overcome struggles of mental health.

In 2022, we published a survey of 5,521 respondents and found:

  • 88% of our respondents experienced mental health issues in the past year.
  • 25% of people don't feel comfortable sharing their struggles with anyone, not even their closest friends.

In order to break the stigma that surrounds mental health struggles, we're looking to share your stories.

Overcoming struggles

They say that everyone you meet is engaged in a great struggle. No matter how well someone manages to hide it, there's always something to overcome, a struggle to deal with, an obstacle to climb.

And when someone is engaged in a struggle, that person is looking for others to join him. Because we, as human beings, don't thrive when we feel alone in facing a struggle.

Let's throw rocks together

Overcoming your struggles is like defeating an angry giant. You try to throw rocks at it, but how much damage is one little rock gonna do?

Tracking Happiness can become your partner in facing this giant. We want to publish your story of overcoming a mental health struggle. No matter how big or small it may seem in your eyes.

By sharing your story, you can inspire someone else - perhaps a total stranger - to overcome his/her mental health struggles too.

Which explains the phrase: "Let's throw rocks together".

Let's throw rocks together, and become better at overcoming our struggles collectively.

Why share?

Sharing your mental health struggles is scary.

But beyond this scariness lies a wealth of positive benefits.

Opening up can directly improve your perception of yourself and your own self-worth

In order to share different aspects of yourself, you have to first accept and embrace them yourself. As you grow more comfortable being authentic, you’ll stop being scared of trying new experiences.

As such, you’ll gain more confidence and belief in your ability to handle challenging situations and over time become more resilient. 

  • You will be inspiring thousands of others with your tips and real-life examples to overcome their mental health struggles.
  • Tracking Happiness is read by over 1.5 million people every year.
  • There is no cost involved.


We need your first name and a picture as part of this interview. Without it, I'm afraid that the content will not be authentic and relatable enough for it to have a real impact.

If you're comfortable sharing your full name and links to your online profiles (social media, portfolio, etc), that's a benefit!

We do require you to be proficient in English.


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