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9 Ways You Can Attract Abundance and Prosperity for a Better Life

by Silvia

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Have you ever found yourself staring at the stars, wondering what it would be like to have a bit more of, well, everything? We’re talking about abundance and prosperity here – not just in your wallet but in life. 

You know it’s possible because you see others around you have it. And that could easily evoke jealousy, but instead, let it inspire you. Because the fact that other people have it means that it’s possible to achieve in the first place. In this article, we’ll look at some ways that you can too. This isn’t about chanting mantras or relying on mere luck. We’re talking real, actionable ways to shift your mindset and habits to open the doors to abundance and prosperity. 

Understandably, there are no guarantees — but as someone who used to Google this question myself, and has tried all the tips below firsthand, I can tell you they have real power. So let’s dive in and see if they can help you achieve your dreams too. 

9 ways to attract abundance and prosperity into your life

Manifesting abundance and prosperity is clearly something all of us want. And the good news is, it’s possible for all of us too. Here are 9 specific ways how.

1. Use gratitude

From a spiritual perspective, gratitude is the way to attract abundance into your life. You may have heard of the concept “What you appreciate, appreciates”. Practically any manifestation teacher teaches this in one wording or another.

For example, here is an excerpt from Conversations with God

You will not have that for which you ask, nor can you have anything you want. This is because your very request is a statement of lack, and your saying you want a thing only works to produce that precise experience — wanting — in your reality. 

The correct prayer is therefore never a prayer of supplication, but a prayer of gratitude. 

When you thank God in advance for that which you choose to experience in your reality, you, in effect, acknowledge that it is there… in effect. Thankfulness is thus the most powerful statement to God; an affirmation that even before you ask, I have answered. 

Therefore never supplicate. Appreciate.”

Even if we discard all of these arguments, there are immense health and psychological benefits to practicing gratitude. So if gratitude doesn’t bring abundance and prosperity in the financial sense, it does at least in terms of your happiness and wellbeing. 

2. Stop demonizing money

Let’s dive into a thought that manifestation coach Kathrin Zenkina often brings up regarding wealth and abundance. 

Many people, deep down, really want to have wealth and abundance, but they also demonize it. They believe that rich people are evil, that money just corrupts people, that people with a lot of money waste it and ruin the planet, that they are selfish and snobby, and arrogant. Well, does that sound like something you truly want in your life?

A lot of us, without even realizing it, are in this weird love-hate relationship with money. We want it, but then we also demonize it. “Rich people are evil,” “Money corrupts,” “Rich people waste money,” and so on. Does that sound like something you’d eagerly accept an abundance of?

You end up with a very powerful subconscious block. If you do get money, you feel guilty, because all the things you used to say about rich people now apply to you. And of course, you don’t want to become one of them — so you resist it.

To change this narrative, it’s very necessary to realize one thing: money, in itself, isn’t evil. It’s like your hands – neutral tools capable of doing great or terrible things, depending on who’s in control. If a person commits a crime, we don’t blame their hands right? And if they save a life, it’s not their hands we celebrate. It’s the person behind the action that counts. Money is the exact same — it’s a neutral tool, at your disposal. 

So, if you feel that some rich people use money poorly, or let it “corrupt” them, remember this: you have the power to choose differently. It’s like owning a knife — you could use it in harmful ways, sure. But you could also use it to whip up a fantastic meal or perform life-saving surgery. It’s all about how you wield it. 

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3. Truly believe in abundance

Here’s a key question if you want to attract abundance and prosperity. Whatever it is you want an abundance of, do you believe there is truly enough to go around for everyone?

Manifestation Coach Kathrin Zenkina points out a common limiting belief that trips many of us up. It’s the idea that if you’re raking in the dough, you must be taking it from someone else. As if there’s this giant money pie, and your bigger slice is someone else’s missing piece.

As she explains, money flows “through” other people, not “from” them. It’s not like we all start with an equal share and then play a game of financial musical chairs. Money is more like a river than a pie – it’s constantly flowing and circulating. Spending it is temporary; it’s just part of the money’s journey. And when you earn it, remember, it’s just stopping by before it flows on again.

This same principle applies to other areas, like success. Ever heard someone say, “There’s only so much room at the top”? That comes from the scarcity mindset. It would mean that when one person reaches success, they are preventing someone else from doing so. 

Following up on our examination of beliefs in the section above, you need to turn these beliefs around. And since the proof is in the pudding, look around for real-life examples.

Take, for instance, influencer couples like @mariefeandjakesnow and @explorersareus. They work in the same sphere and could’ve seen each other as threats. But instead, they teamed up to create a fantastic course that couldn’t have happened without their teamwork, boosting wealth for both. In any other profession, you also have examples of people collaborating, starting schools together, and growing together. 

Ultimately, you want to adopt the belief “I celebrate this person’s success as proof that being successful is possible. And I can have it too, without taking away from theirs.” 

4. Consider what it is you really want (it’s not just about the money!)

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: what do you really want? Spoiler alert – it’s definitely not just a fat bank account. Because if that’s what you really wanted, you wouldn’t want to ever touch that money. (Spending it would mean you would no longer have that fat bank account!) Rather, when people dream of being rich, it’s actually freedom they’re after. 

For example, say you’re strolling along the beach on a scorching day, and there’s this lemonade stand. The lemonade is a bit pricey, but hey, you buy it without a second thought because you can. Or imagine deciding on a whim to dine at your favorite restaurant, just because you feel like it. That’s the kind of freedom we’re talking about.

But here’s the thing – you don’t actually need a million dollars for these moments. What you need is enough for that slightly overpriced lemonade or that meal. It’s not about having a mountain of cash; it’s about having the means to enjoy life’s little pleasures.

And let’s go a step further. Sometimes, it’s not even about the money at all. Maybe it’s about having the time and skills to make your own lemonade or scoring a coupon for your favorite restaurant. It’s about thinking creatively to fulfill your desires without necessarily having a hefty bank balance. But we can only do that once we take our eyes off the target of “having a lot of money” and onto what actually matters to us. 

5. Find proof of abundance around you – in all its forms

When we talk about abundance, it’s easy to zero in on money. Sure, money is a form of abundance, but it’s just one piece of a much bigger puzzle. Abundance is everywhere, in countless forms, and in areas of life that matter even more – like health, relationships, and joy. And there is a lot of abundance that is already in your life.

No matter what life circumstances you’re in, you surely have:

  • An abundance of love that you feel for your loved ones.
  • An abundance of air that is available for you to breathe.
  • An abundance of good memories, hopes, or dreams.
  • An abundance of food that is available to you.
  • An abundance of electricity you have access to (to access this article on your device).
  • An abundance of molecules and atoms that make up your body.

Those are just a few examples — you’re bound to find many more specific to your life. And you can even step outside of it, and consider the abundance in the world at large. Manifestation coach Kathrin Zenkina gives a great example of noticing abundance in nature. There’s an abundance of trees in the forest, an abundance of leaves in every tree. 

And in an indirect way, you also have an abundance of money around you. Because all the items that are in your vicinity right now represent money. All of them came about as the result of an exchange of money, of the flow of money. All the items you own right now were once money too. These things all represent money. 

We started out by speaking about the power of gratitude. And this ties in beautifully here. Manifestation itself works on the principle of “like attracts like.” So to attract more abundance and prosperity into your life, start by appreciating the abundance you already have. 

6. Start living with abundance right now

The definition of abundance is something in great or plentiful supply. But how much is “plenty” exactly? Many people equate abundance with staggering, lottery-win amounts of money. However, abundance can start much smaller and still be just as meaningful.

Manifestation coach Kathrin Zenkina once shared this insightful thought: If you can’t give away 10% of 10 dollars, how can you expect to give away 10% of a million? It’s a mindset thing. Even if you have just 5 dollars, you can find an “abundance” even in 50 cents of that. Consider that tiny bit as a surplus, a little extra you can play with.

The challenge is to start recognizing and living with the abundance you have right now, no matter how small. Find that ‘extra’ in whatever you have, even if it’s just a single cent from a dollar.

Now, what do you do with this excess? It circles back to your personal definition of abundance. Is it about building a robust savings account for retirement? Supporting causes you believe in? Treating yourself to life’s little luxuries, like fine dining or high-end gadgets? That’s where your little surplus starts to take on a bigger meaning.

And remember, abundance isn’t always about money. Maybe right now, you’re low on funds but rich in time. That’s abundance too, which you can choose to spend in an aligned way. Or consider love – an endless resource. Try wishing love on every person you see. You’ll be practicing abundance — and giving yourself a great happiness boost at the same time. 

It’s true that your current abundance might not match up to your ultimate goal. But cherish the fact that it’s there at all. Celebrate this existing abundance in your life. If you can’t appreciate and use a little, how will you manage when you have a lot? Moreover, why would the universe bless you with more if you can’t cherish what you already have?

Abundance doesn’t start at any minimum value — start living by it right now. 

7. Replace thoughts of lack with affirmations of abundance

If you’re looking for ways to attract abundance and prosperity into your life, you might believe you currently don’t have abundance and prosperity. 

And what I suggest here is not that we delude ourselves or deny facts, like having a certain amount of money in our bank account. Those are facts and information that are necessary for us to look at honestly. 

However, when awareness of facts turns into a mindset of lack and scarcity, it impacts your decisions and your journey to abundance.

Think of it this way: If you’re tutoring a student, but deep down, you believe they’re bound to fail, you’re not going to put your heart into teaching them. Subconsciously, you would think, “What’s the point? It won’t make a difference.” 

Likewise, if you’re going through life thinking you never have enough and you’re destined to be poor, you won’t make a lot of progress in attracting abundance.

In fact, even some researchers support the idea that your thoughts create your reality:

“Each and every tiny cell in our body is perfectly and absolutely aware of our thoughts, feelings, and of course, our beliefs. If you believe you are fragile, the biochemistry of your body unquestionably obeys and manifests it. If you believe you are tough (irrespective of your weight and bone density!), your body undeniably mirrors it.” 

So we need to use something called cognitive reframing. This means shifting your mindset so you’re able to look at a situation from a different, more positive perspective.

It’s not about lying to yourself but shifting your focus from scarcity to abundance in a way that still feels honest and authentic.

Consider affirmations like:

  • Money is always flowing my way.
  • I am in the process of attracting wealth and prosperity into my life.
  • I am worthy of having the money I desire.

If these affirmations seem a stretch, remember a time when you didn’t have something you do now. Maybe it’s the apartment you live in, your partner, your current job, or even overcoming a tough phase in life.

At one point, these things felt out of reach, but now they’re a natural part of your life. Just like those past challenges, your current situation can also transform. It’s just a phase, and with a shift in perspective, what feels scarce now can become your next natural abundance.

8. Give to others without expectations

What is abundance truly about? It means you have more than enough — therefore, you can give to others without needing anything in return. This is why pure generosity is the ultimate expression of abundance.

Consider this example: say you have just enough food to survive. You can give some of it to someone else, but then you’ll need them to give you something back so that you have enough. Therefore, you keep a tally and have an expectation from them. This is the mindset of lack — “I don’t have enough, therefore I need something from you.”

But if you had an abundance of food, you could give some to others without caring if they give you something back or not. If they don’t, you won’t lose anything. And if they do, you can celebrate it as another act of abundance. This is the mindset of abundance — “I give to others no matter if I get something back or not, because either way, I have plenty. My ability to be generous doesn’t depend on others’ ability to give me something too.”

And ironically, when you give without expecting anything back, abundance often finds its way back to you. It may not come from the same person or even in the form you expect, but it circulates back into your life. 

9. Pay attention to inspired ideas 

The concept of ‘attracting’ or ‘manifesting’ abundance is often misunderstood and sometimes oversimplified. It sounds like something that happens mainly in your mind, without any action or tangible work. I was both fascinated and confused by this, so I wanted to figure out what it really meant.

After hearing over 200 episodes on the topic from manifestation coach Kathrin Zenkina, I’m convinced that manifestation would be better termed ‘manifest-action’.

Because yes, the mindset is a powerful component of getting what you want. But there always has to be action involved. You can’t change something in your 3D reality without actually interacting with 3D reality in some way.  

Kathrin Zenkina says this a lot, most recently in her episode on her exact manifestation process

The last step in the process? You need to take inspired action. 

And she did this herself for every one of her big manifestations:

  • She had to download a dating app and swipe right and then go on an actual date in order to manifest meeting her now-husband.
  • She had to be open to intimacy and take care of her health in order to manifest having a baby.
  • She had to start a business and invest energy into it in order to grow into a six-figure earner.

Each of these big “manifestations” required real action. Yet, often, when we talk about hard work and effort, it doesn’t sound as appealing as the elusive, magical idea of “manifestation”. But the truth is, attracting abundance into your life is largely about tuning into your intuition and acting on those nudges to turn your thoughts and dreams into tangible realities.

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Wrapping up

Now you know 9 science or expert-backed ways to attract abundance and prosperity. As you practice these tips, I invite you to keep your mind on your ultimate goal. What is the life you’re envisioning? Because it’s easy to get sidetracked into thinking that we want wealth for the sake of being wealthy.

But that’s not where happiness comes from. It comes from living your life in alignment with your values and goals — and abundance gives you the resources to create that life. 

So, do you believe that you’re able to attract abundance and prosperity in life? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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