37 Interviews With People Who've Been Helped By Reinventing Themselves

We have interviewed 37 people who have overcome struggles as a result of reinventing themselves. These stories show that zooming out and reinventing the way you lead your life is one of the most powerful ways to overcome struggles of mental health.

Most recent stories of people reinventing themselves

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I’ve interviewed 37 people who have been helped by reinventing themselves, and here are the top 5 struggles that these people have overcome:

  1. Depression (22 posts)
  2. Anxiety (16 posts)
  3. Suicidal (10 posts)
  4. Childhood (10 posts)
  5. Stress (8 posts)

In our many years of publishing helpful mental health content, we always received questions from our readers about specific situations. While we have a lot of helpful tips to share on how to be happier, we simply can’t offer advice for every situation.

That’s why I’ve set out to interview folks with every type of mental health struggle. My job as an interviewer is to categorize these interviews and present them in a way that is most helpful to our readers.

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Thomas Featured Image 1

Achieving Happiness Despite Autism & OSDD With Self-Understanding and Meditation

“Now, we can identify our emotions easily, we don’t get attacks of emotion so overwhelming we just have to pause the world. We do have feelings that creep up and we do still have some things to work over, but also some of that is caused by the emotional dysregulation caused by our neurodivergence.”

Ron Blake Interview Featured Image 1

From Surviving Rape and PTSD to Becoming A Story Of Inspiration And Determination

“Shortly after the trauma, I started to isolate myself from the world. Experiencing anger with just about everything and everyone. Those closest to me sensed something was wrong. I knew something was wrong. But I was not able to identify what it was. Nor could anyone else. I continued to spiral out of control.”

Wendy Yehia Interview Featured Image 1

How I Beat My Mom Guilt & Post-Partum Depression By Never Giving Up Despite Setbacks

“I tried to keep a smile on my face and pretend all was great, but deep inside, I had this sadness, bitterness, and anger. I was in denial that something was wrong, and in my mind, if I admitted it, it would confirm what I knew all along. That I was a failure at being a mom. I even compared myself with other moms. Imagine that! I tried to hide it from the world.”