Postpartum depression

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Healing From Postpartum Depression With Therapy, Friends & Exercise

“I wasn’t sure how to feel better for a while. People talk about ‘getting help’ but that’s a blanket term and unfortunately it’s not a band-aid you can just put on and suddenly be yourself again. It takes time to find the right therapist, medication if that’s what you decide to do, to find a new rhythm with family, and in my case, I really needed friends locally.”

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Meditation and Wellness Helped Me Navigate GAD and Transform My Life

“I began medication, which can be a bit of a taboo in the wellness and yoga worlds. A lot of people believe you can ‘heal’ yourself through diet and meditation. But I had been trying that approach my whole life and though I definitely had periods where my anxiety was lessened, this was a point where I needed way more help.”

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Navigating Baby Blues and Depression in My Postpartum Journey and Breaking the Stigma

“I was in a fog, so confused, and felt all over the place. I had to relearn myself when to anticipate these challenges occurring and plan for prevention, do more outreach for support and be really open with my partner about all of the above. This is really difficult to do all while trying to figure out what’s going on with your body and brain, and a new human to care for.”

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How I Beat My Mom Guilt & Post-Partum Depression By Never Giving Up Despite Setbacks

“I tried to keep a smile on my face and pretend all was great, but deep inside, I had this sadness, bitterness, and anger. I was in denial that something was wrong, and in my mind, if I admitted it, it would confirm what I knew all along. That I was a failure at being a mom. I even compared myself with other moms. Imagine that! I tried to hide it from the world.”

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How I Navigated Post-Partum Depression to Find Happiness in Motherhood

“Contrary to all I read about Postpartum Depression or Postnatal Depression, I never felt that I was not bonding or connected to Archie. In fact, I found the opposite to be true. I felt so in love and so connected to my son that the ill feelings came from my belief that I was simply not good enough to be his mum.”

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Therapy and Self-Care Helped me Overcome Postpartum Depression

“The depression has drained a part of my life that I will never get back. I can’t seem to not see the dark side of things even when I’m fully happy – I feel like it won’t last. I hid it – until the depression manifested itself into an eating disorder. I got very thin, then people started to worry. My parents pushed me into doing therapy as they were very worried about my health.”