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How I Overcame Persistent Fears & Anxiety With EMDR Therapy and Closeness to Christ

"No matter how much I’d accomplished, because my life wasn't excelling at the rate that I desired it to, I believed something was wrong with me. I would compare myself to others, and do things I wasn't interested in or enjoyed, just to be accepted, and in doing so I lost my identity and my ability to be my true authentic self."

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Opening Up and Therapy Helped Me Pass Through Depression and Anxiety From Moving Abroad

"Depression and anxiety seemed to be controlling my life, and I felt like I had lost control of my own emotions. I remember once I tried to hide my depression and anxiety from those around me, thinking it would be easier to pretend that nothing was wrong. But it only made things worse and eventually I had to admit to myself that I needed help."

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Navigating Stress and Anxiety With Mindfulness and Gratitude Journaling

"I used my journal a lot at this time. Being in gratitude would truly help me cope with the anxiety. At the time, everyone was reaching out to us. But it was really something I had to process myself and in my own way. I was also trying to hold it together for my son. I never wanted him to feel how stressed I was or that there was anything wrong."

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Moving Forward: A Young Life Coach's Self-Empowerment Journey & Lessons Learned

"The best thing my divorced parents ever did for ~9-year-old me was send me to weekly therapy sessions which I’ve kept up most of my life (minus ~2 years in high school). Thanks to growing up with a profound mental health awareness, I promised myself that I was going to commit to a healthier lifestyle by focusing on my emotional well-being first and foremost. Deep inside me, I knew that was how I’d improve everything else."