14 Interviews With People Struggling With Addiction

We have interviewed 14 people who have struggled with addiction. These stories are full of inspiring tips on how to live with and overcome addiction, both from substances and alcohol. Please allow these stories to be a beacon of hope for you, and know that there is always a way out.

Most recent stories of people struggling with addiction

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Are you struggling with addiction?

I’ve interviewed 14 people struggling with addiction, and here are the top 5 most mentioned tips that helped these people overcome

  1. Therapy (7 people helped)
  2. Rehab (6 people helped)
  3. Self-improvement (6 people helped)
  4. Reinventing yourself (6 people helped)
  5. Social support (5 people helped)

In our many years of publishing helpful mental health content, we always received questions from our readers about specific situations. While we have a lot of helpful tips to share on how to be happier, we simply can’t offer advice for every situation.

That’s why I’ve set out to interview folks with every type of mental health struggle. My job as an interviewer is to categorize these interviews and present them in a way that is most helpful to our readers.

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Rodrigo Interview Featured Image (2)

How Hitting Rock Bottom Started My Journey of Healing From BPD and Addiction

“Do you know how hard it is to be friends with a person who wants to kill themselves then 5 minutes later they’re ok? It’s draining. Well, I am that person. The struggle impacts me daily, however, last Saturday I had an epiphany that I’ve been working on and the days seem to be getting better.”

Sonia Interview Featured Image

How I Transformed From a High-Functioning Alcoholic to Helping Others Thrive

“I worked so much that my mental health and drinking spiraled out of control. I had no other coping mechanisms for stress. I have never developed healthy habits and didn’t think I had time to start because the business was experiencing explosive growth. I just wasn’t willing to stop and deal with it. Big mistake.”