Happiness Essays: In-depth Studies on Happiness

Happiness Essays: In-depth Studies on Happiness

Happiness [hap-ee-nis] - Noun - The quality or state of being happy.

I believe the absolute purpose in life is happiness. No matter what different things we value in life, we all try to be as happy as we can for as long as possible. You might say you want to be successful, famous, rich or healthy, but these are really just factors that ultimately influence our happiness.

I started publishing happiness essays after having tracked my happiness for multiple years. I do this with only one goal in mind: to inspire you to find out what factors are driving your happiness.

This page contains a growing list of all my published happiness essays.

Studying happiness

The things we do to make us happy vary per person. Some may find that rich relationships lead to happiness. Others might argue that money provides happiness. Whatever you believe makes you happy, we all share the same goal.

And that is what this website is about.

I want you to think about this question for a moment yourself:

What is currently my biggest goal in life?

Whatever your answer is - success, fame, fortune, good health - the underlying driving force behind your answer is happiness.

You might say you want to be successful, famous, rich or healthy, but these are really just factors that ultimately influence our happiness.

I am searching for the factors that are the most important in my life. I use my happiness tracking data in order to find what things or activities have the highest correlation to my happiness.

These happiness essays are the most data-driven studies on happiness that you'll find on the internet.

running increases my happiness featured image
Running Increases My Happiness – Data-driven Happiness Essay

This is the post I’ve been wanting to write ever since I started this website. My biggest passion is running. I love it and know that it heavily improves my happiness. In this post, I set out to find out how much exactly. This data-driven essay answers how much running really influences my happiness.

What is happiness essay featured image
What Is Happiness? – An Inspiring Essay On Defining Your Happiness

This essay covers the question “what is happiness” in great detail. Happiness changes from person to person. There is no universal definition of happiness. You have to find your own definition, and you can do so with the help of this essay!

happiness prediction model featured image
Engineering A Happiness Prediction Model

This is the world’s first happiness prediction model. This essay explains how it’s been built from start to finish, with numerous animations and supporting visualizations. It’s actually the most in-depth happiness essay I’ve ever published.

Happy mornings are early featured image
Happy Mornings – Research On Personal Happiness And Waking Up

As a follow-up to my first sleep study, I have analyzed 1,272 nights of sleep and happiness tracking data in order to find out if waking up early has any influence on my happiness! This study includes my entire set of data, from my wacky sleep rhythm to my alarm clock times. I embark on a journey to find out if waking up early is beneficial for my happiness.

happy at work featured image
Am I Happy At Work? [analyzing my entire career from day 0]

From the day I started working, I have always wondered if I really enjoyed my job. After analysing my happiness throughout my entire career, I have finally found the answer to these questions. Join me on this happy journey that starts on day 0 of my career, and find out how you too can find out if your work makes you happy!

The happiness ratio during my long distance relationships
How Long Distance Relationships Have Influenced My Happiness – Happiness Essay

A long distance relationship sucks. I think we can all agree. But just how much does it suck exactly? I have used over a year of data on my personal long distance periods in order to find out exactly what they have done to my happiness and relationship. I’ll show you all the results in this unique in-depth analysis!

The Effect Of Sleep On Happiness
The Effect Of Sleep On Happiness [Complete Analysis] – Happiness Essay on Sleep: Part 1

Sleep is becoming more important to me as I’m getting older. In this unique analysis, I have tried to quanity the effect that sleep has on my happiness.

Can money buy happiness? Analysis header image
Can Money Buy Happiness? [In-depth Analysis] – Happiness Essay on Money: Part 1

Can money buy happiness? It’s one of the most discussed questions online. I’ve answered this question by combining my personal finance and happiness data!

happy in love featured image
Happy In Love [Data Analysis] – Happiness Essay on Love: Part 1

I have tracked my relationship for over 3,5 years, and I’ve analysed just how much influence it has on my happiness. Conclusion: I am happy in love!