26 Original Studies About Mental Health And Happiness

Welcome to the Studies category, featuring our very own research and insights into happiness. From examining the role of genetics in happiness to analyzing the outcomes of our own New Year's resolution study, this category presents our in-depth findings on various aspects of happiness.

Discover interesting facts, learn about the most frequently broken resolutions, and read about our original studies on topics such as remote work and happiness. Join us as we share our cutting-edge research on the science of happiness.

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Happy Mornings - Research On Personal Happiness And Waking Up

As a follow-up to my first sleep study, I have analyzed 1,272 nights of sleep and happiness tracking data in order to find out if waking up early has any influence on my happiness! This study includes my entire set of data, from my wacky sleep rhythm to my alarm clock times. I embark on a journey to find out if waking up early is beneficial for my happiness.

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Am I Happy At Work? [analyzing my entire career from day 0]

From the day I started working, I have always wondered if I really enjoyed my job. After analysing my happiness throughout my entire career, I have finally found the answer to these questions. Join me on this happy journey that starts on day 0 of my career, and find out how you too can find out if your work makes you happy!