What Happiness Means To You? (11 Different Meanings)

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What does happiness mean to you? This is one of the most fascinating questions out there, without a universally agreed-upon answer. Therefore, I’ve collected some experts in happiness and asked them this very question. Here are their answers!

Happiness Review 2020 – Correlating The Pandemic To My Personal Happiness

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For new readers: This post is part of my on-going Tracking Happiness Diary updates. It’s basically a public case study on Tracking Happiness, by publishing about the ups and downs I write about in my journal. I started doing this when Tracking Happiness was first launched, and never stopped. 2020 is over. It’s been the weirdest year of my life, and that’s not even entirely due to the pandemic. I’ve tracked my happiness throughout the entire year (like every other year since 2013) so it’s time to review the numbers. In this review, I want to answer questions like: Was …

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Christmas Time In Lockdown – December, 2020

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December 2020 taught me to be grateful for the things I have: my wonderful girlfriend, my health and my boring hobbies. Here’s a recap of another uneventful month in lockdown!

Ultimate Happiness On Sabbatical? – October 2020

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I can’t believe how fast October has flown by. My girlfriend and I are trying to keep our sabbatical going, and it’s quite a challenge amidst constant shifting with regards to covid regulations. Still, October was another fantastic month!

66 Quotes About Materialism And Happiness

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Materialism can potentially be a reason for why you are currently feeling anxious or unhappy. But you might not even know it yet. For that reason, I’ve collected inspiring quotes on materialism and happiness. These quotes will hopefully inspire you to rethink what happiness means to you.

29 Quotes About Kindness To Animals (Inspiring & Handpicked)

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There’s a lot that we can learn from animals. Yet, humans are able to inflict lot of cruelty to animals. These quotes will help you see why we need to be more kind to animals. Animals are our friends, and we should all treat them as such. In this roundup, I’ve hand-picked 29 of the best quotes on being kind to animals.

101 Quotes About Finding Happiness In Yourself (Handpicked)

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Happiness can often be found within. We just need to be aware of what control we have. These quotes won’t show you how to change things that you can’t control. Instead, these quotes will inspire you to find happiness in yourself.

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