9 Ways To Start Listening To Yourself More

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How often has it occured that you followed someone else’s order, only to find out afterwards that you should have listened to yourself instead? Here are 9 ways to listen to yourself more in the future.

How To Journal For Self-Awareness (+Tips and Examples)

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Journaling is one of the best ways to grow self-awareness. This is supported by science, examples and personal experience. If you’re looking to grow your self-awareness through journaling, this article is exactly what you need.

25 Ways To Make Someone Happy (And Smiling!)


It’s scientifically proven that making others happy leads to greater happiness for yourself as well. I’ve listed the 25 most fun and actionable ways to make someone happy. Let’s make the world a happier place and get started.

11 Signs You Lack Self-Awareness (And How To Recognize)

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Being self-aware all the time is hard. In fact, there are many human flaws – or cognitive biases – that keep us from making rational decisions. It’s these human biases that cause a lack of self-awareness. But what are the signs that you lack self-awareness?

11 Ways To Make The World A Better Place (Big & Small!)

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How can you help make the world a better place? Even though your own actions can sometimes feel insignificant when looking at the grander scheme, you still have the power to change the world for the better. Here are 11 ways to help the world become a better place.