What Factors Determine Our Happiness? (New Study Analyzes 1,155 Answers)

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When you consider happiness and look at it from a distance, you will find that there are 3 things that can determine your happiness. Any source of happiness (or unhappiness) can be tied back to one of these factors. Our new study has found how much these factors are believed to contribute to our happiness, by asking 1,155 people from around the world.

How Much Of Our Happiness Is Genetic? (New Study Results!)

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It is widely known that happiness can both be a result of our circumstances or our internal state of mind. But how much of our happiness is genetic? Our new survey has found that 25% of our happiness is believed to be genetic. Here are all the details!

(New) Happiness Survey – Large Scale Study Results

We recently conducted a survey amongst the audience of Tracking Happiness (that’s you!) Our goal? To provide more objective data on topics that are often quoted throughout the internet. Here are the results.