Why Faking Happiness is Bad (and Not Just on Social Media)

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There are many ways to make yourself look happier than you are, but you can’t actually fake the feeling of happiness. This article covers why it’s not a good idea to fake your happiness, both on social media and in real-life!

5 Lifechanging Ways to Stop Overthinking Everything

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We are all prone to overthinking sometimes. However, thinking about something longer and harder than nessecary often has a negative impact on our lives. Here are 5 methods to help you deal with overthinking everything.

7 Ways to Be Less Selfish (But Still Enough to Be Happy)

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Being selfish might be good for you in the short-term future. But this will eventually bite you in the ass. This article is all about how to be less selfish and teaches you about the different types of selfishness you need to know about. A little less selfishness can boost your happiness if you do it right. Here’s how.

5 Convincing Ways Therapy Makes You Happier (With Examples!)

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It’s time to address the many ways in which therapy can make you happier! Therapy exists to help you live a more fulfilled, functional and happier life by helping you deal with your thoughts, emotions and the daily stresses of life. This article is about how you should not be afraid of the word “therapy” and might want to reconsider it!

The Surprising Benefits of Volunteering (How it Makes you Happier)

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Most people see volunteering as a good and noble endeavor, but did you know that there are science-backed benefits of volunteering for your own happiness? It turns out that volunteering is one of the most wholesome ways to increase happiness in the world. This article shows you why and how you should start volunteering.