Can Happiness Lead to Confidence? (Yes, and Here’s Why)

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Happy people are often in better contact with themselves and their emotions, and this contact can serve to raise their confidence. This article is about how happiness and confidence are not just connected via a one-way street. You can get more confident as a result of being happier!

5 Ways to be a Better Friend (And Be Happier As Well!)

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Do you think you’re the best friend you can be? Often, the recipe for being a good friend isn’t as clear as we’d like. In this article, I’ll take a closer look at the science of friendship and how to be the best friend you can be.

Happiness Benefits Of Walking: Explaining the Science

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When I tell you to take a walk, I only have your best interests in mind! It turns out that walking has great benefits on your mental health and happiness. This article explores how walking more should lead to a happier life.

5 Ways to be More Self-Disciplined (& 3 Major Benefits)

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Self-discipline gets you through the tough times when motivation is nowhere to be found. Like all good things, developing self-discipline can be hard at first. Here are actionable tips on how to grow more self-discipline.

Fear Of Starting Something New? (4 Tips on What To Do)

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Trying something new is scary because there’s an inherent risk of failure in stepping out of your comfort zone. If you ever feel fear when starting something new, here’s what to do to be happy instead!

5 Tips to Help You Forgive Someone Who Hurt You Emotionally

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Why would you hang onto something as stressful as unforgiveness? Unfortunately, forgiveness isn’t always easy to achieve, but with a little work, time and some help from the methods outlined in this article, you can learn to let go of the anger and move on to happier things.

7 Ways To Heal People-Pleasing (With Examples And Tips)

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If you’re a people-pleaser and never stand up for yourself or say no, expressing your true opinions can be scary. However, in order to grow and learn, you’ve got to get out of the comfort zone. In this article, we will take a closer look at what people-pleasing is and I’ll show you 7 cures to help you stop overextending yourself to help others.