6 Daily Journaling Tips to Create a Journaling Routine

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Daily journaling has the power to improve your happiness, and it starts with building a new habit, maintaining it, and fully appreciating the beneficial changes in your life. This article is about how you can use daily journaling to build up your own happiness.

3 Ways to Spread Happiness to Others (And Why it's so Important)

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Studies have shown that happiness can be spread from one person to another. Smiling at strangers, helping somebody in need, or preparing a hot meal are great ways to spread happiness, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Here's everything you should know in order to spread happiness to others.

The Pros (and Cons) Of Reading Self-Help Books

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Self-help books can be a powerful tool when used properly. They are cheaper than therapy and can be just as effective. In this article, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of self-help books, to help you realize your full potential in your own time and without breaking the bank.

Why Happiness Is A Journey And Not A Destination

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happiness is best thought of as a journey and not a destination. It turns out that people are happiest when they have something to look forward to, when they enjoy the steps that take them there, and when they don’t attach too much importance to individual events.