5 Ways to Stop Worrying About Others (with Examples)

how to stop worrying to be happier featured

How many times have you worried about something, or had someone tell you to stop worrying? How many times have you been able to actually stop? This article is about the science of worrying with actionable tips on how to stop.

5 Ways To Leave The Past Behind (And Live A Happier Life)

how to leave the past behind to be happier featured

We all have a past - a period that can contain pain, regret, disappointment, and mistakes. As we are unable to go back and change the past, we tend to ruminate instead. This article is about understanding the significance of leaving the past behind and learning how to do so effectively.

5 Ways to Discover Your Passion in Life (With Examples!)

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It’s never too late to realize your passion. In this article, we’ll explore what it means to live a passionate life, why discovering what sets your soul on fire is important, and how it can be possible for you to uncover yours.