Your happiness

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Learn from your happiness and create a beautiful diary. Unlimited entries, track custom factors, and learn from your comprehensive dashboard.

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I love the convenience factor with using Google Drive and how I’m so excited to reflect and see what are consistent driving forces for my happiness. I decided to track my happiness because recently I’ve come out of a long relationship and was holding myself back in a lot of ways in my life.

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Software engineer

My last journal was stolen, so I'm really happy with the weekly back-ups and overviews. Writing a diary has never been this easy and I'm having a lot of fun using it!

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The free trial really helped me experience how powerful this is. My dashboard is very revealing already. The happiness factor analysis shows me exactly what I should focus on in my life if I want to be happier.

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Keeping a diary has never been easier.

No need to install or download anything. Get started right away, wherever you are, whether you're on mobile, laptop or tablet.

Simplicity first

  • No set-up required
  • Easily edit and download your data
  • No need to install an app
  • Always accessible via your email
  • Only you can access and view your data
  • Laptop, tablet and mobile friendly

💪Our proven method

  • Proven method based on scientific studies
  • Track your happiness on a scale from 1 to 100
  • Frictionless diary writing, no limitations
  • Track your positive and negative happiness factors
  • Unlimited diary entries
  • Customize and track as many factors as you want
  • Remembers your previous happiness factors

📊Your personal dashboard

  • Detect negative trends early and take action
  • Get automatic advice on both positive and negative factors
  • Analyze weeks, months and years all at once
  • Filter your diary for specific factors
  • Reflect on your happiness at the end of each month and year

🏦Never lose your data

  • Export your data to a spreadsheet whenever you want
  • Easily Import data from another journal or app
  • Your data is safely stored in the cloud
  • Always receive a weekly backup (in a spreadsheet)
  • Weekly overviews sent to your inbox

Your personal diary.

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Turn journaling into the most powerful habit with our free 28-day trial.

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Turn the diary into your most powerful habit! 💪

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