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Learn from your happiness and create a beautiful diary. Unlimited entries, track custom factors, and learn from your comprehensive dashboard.

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I love the convenience factor with using Google Drive and how I’m so excited to reflect and see what are consistent driving forces for my happiness. I decided to track my happiness because recently I’ve come out of a long relationship and was holding myself back in a lot of ways in my life.

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Software engineer

My last journal was stolen, so I’m really happy with the weekly back-ups and overviews. Writing a diary has never been this easy and I’m having a lot of fun using it!

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The free trial really helped me experience how powerful this is. My dashboard is very revealing already. The happiness factor analysis shows me exactly what I should focus on in my life if I want to be happier.

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Keeping a diary has never been easier.

No need to install or download anything. Get started right away, wherever you are, whether you’re on mobile, laptop or tablet.

✨Simplicity first

  • No set-up required.
  • Easily edit and download your data.
  • No need to install an app.
  • Always accessible via your email.
  • Only you can access and view your data.
  • Laptop, tablet and mobile friendly.

💪Our proven method

  • Proven method based on scientific studies.
  • Track your happiness on a scale from 1 to 100.
  • Frictionless diary writing, no limitations.
  • Track your positive and negative happiness factors.
  • Unlimited diary entries.
  • Customize and track as many factors as you want.
  • Remembers your previous happiness factors.

📊Your personal dashboard

  • Detect negative trends early and take action.
  • Get automatic advice on both positive and negative factors.
  • Analyze weeks, months and years all at once.
  • Filter your diary for specific factors.
  • Reflect on your happiness at the end of each month and year.

🏦Never lose your data

  • Export your data to a spreadsheet whenever you want.
  • Easily Import data from another journal or app.
  • Your data is safely stored in the cloud.
  • Always receive a weekly backup (in a spreadsheet).
  • Weekly overviews sent to your inbox.

Your personal diary.

Free 28-day trial. Cancel anytime.

Turn journaling into your most powerful habit with our free 28-day trial.

Billed monthly

$ 3.49 / month

See if it’s right for you! 😇

✔ Free 28-day trial ✔ Cancel anytime

Billed yearly

$ 2.49 / month

Turn the diary into your most powerful habit! 💪

✔ Free 28-day trial ✔ Cancel anytime


How does the Tracking Happiness Diary Work?

The Tracking Happiness Diary is a digital diary that is operated in the cloud and requires only your email address to function. As soon as you sign up, the Tracking Happiness Diary creates your personal database and dashboard. You will receive a custom link to a form that allows you to safely write in your diary whenever you want.

You don’t need to install anything, as the entire ecosystem of the app runs in the cloud and is loaded through a browser.

This article explains how it works in more detail.

What personal data is stored in the Tracking Happiness Diary?

Your Tracking Happiness Diary functions based on your email address.

Your email address is all that is required to take full advantage of the diary. We will never ask you for any more personal data.

The data you enter in your diary is stored in a personal database.

Where is my data stored and who can access it?

Generally, there are 2 ways an app can store your personal data:

1) On central servers, managed by the app developers.

2. On the device on which the app is installed.

The Tracking Happiness Diary uses method 1. The data that you provide and we collect is stored on central servers that are managed by the app developers (us).

This ensures the security of your data, as multiple backup systems are in place and third-parties don’t get access to your data. However, we (the developers) do get access to your data. This enables us to troubleshoot and update our databases whenever an update of the app requires it. This would not be possible when using method 2.

In addition, method 2 comes with the risk of losing your entire personal database when your device is lost, gets stolen, or breaks down.

Will we ever use this access in any harmful way? Absolutely not. We will never snoop through your personal data, unless absolutely necessary and after you – the user – give us your consent.

For more information, read our Privacy Policy here.

Can I cancel my trial anytime?


As long as you’re within the 28-day window of your free trial, you can cancel anytime without ever having your credit card charged.

Canceling your trial is easy, and explained in detail in this article.

Can I add multiple diary entries per day?

Yes. There’s no limit to how often you can add to your diary.

Can I add custom factors in my diary?


In fact, you should absolutely use custom factors in your diary, as that’s how you can learn the most about yourself.

There’s no limit to how many custom factors you can add. As long as you don’t add more than 10 positive or negative factors to a single diary entry.

Have more questions? Visit our FAQs or browse our support library for specific posts and how-to tutorials.