Does Salary Justify Your Happiness Sacrifice At Work? [+Survey Results]

work v happiness reddit study featured

After publishing my in-depth analysis of happiness at work, I turned to Reddit for more opinions on this interesting topic. The reaction I got was insane. I didn’t originally plan this post, but it now includes all of the reactions I received on Reddit. It shows how the community of Reddit feels towards their jobs, and if they need to sacrifice a lot of happiness for it. The article ends with a call to action, to inspire others to think about this interesting question as well to continue the discussions!

Am I Happy At Work? [analyzing my entire career from day 0]

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From the day I started working, I have always wondered if I really enjoyed my job. After analysing my happiness throughout my entire career, I have finally found the answer to these questions. Join me on this happy journey that starts on day 0 of my career, and find out how you too can find out if your work makes you happy!

How Long Distance Relationships Have Influenced My Happiness (Personal Study)

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A long distance relationship sucks. I think we can all agree. But just how much does it suck exactly? I have used over a year of data on my personal long distance periods in order to find out exactly what they have done to my happiness and relationship. I’ll show you all the results in this unique in-depth analysis!