My Happiness Journal During The Start Of A Pandemic – March 2020

March was abnormal. Most of this month was spent in a semi-lockdown, while the rest was plagued by a lot of stress at work. This update focuses on how my happiness was impacted by these things. All in all, my happiness ratings were not that great, but still OK!

A Happy Start Of The Year – January 2020

beautiful weather happy january 2020

Whew. The first month of 2020 is already over, and I’m happy to say that it was a great month. Where Januaries have historically been quite difficult, this month turned out to be a happy start of the year 2020!

Last Month Of The Year – December 2019

beautiful scenery on a bike ride december 2019 featured image

The last month of 2019 was filled with positivity and happiness. Unfortunately, there was also some stress and sadness along the way. This update covers my happiness journal throughout December 2019!

More Stress At Work – November 2019

more stress at work happiness update november featured image

Stress at work, less-than-average-happiness, cozy weekends and more skateboarding. This is my happiness update of November 2019. Buckle up, it’s going to be a quick ride with lots of ups and downs!

What I’ve Learned From My Burnout Journal (2019)

burnout journal featured image

At the end of 2018, I entered a chaotic period that lasted until January 2019. During this period, I noticed some clear symptoms of burnout. This post is about what I’ve learned from journaling throughout this burnout period.

My Most Productive Month Ever? – Monthly Happiness Report – July 2018

summer sunset Dordrecht 2018

July might have been my most productive month ever! Not only was my work pretty busy, I also tried to push myself on some other fronts in my life. And I was pretty happy as a result! My biggest positive happiness factor this month was my relationship. I loved spending quality time with my girlfriend in July!

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