Back Home – Monthly Happiness Report – October 2018

family weekend on terschelling october 2018

After spending a lot of my time away from home in October 2018, I was very happy to finally be back home in the Netherlands again! My happiness was pretty great as a result! I really enjoyed spending time with my family and girlfriend back in the Netherlands, after an exhausting – but great – trip to Vietnam!

Happy But Exhausted – Monthly Happiness Report – August 2018

Spending time in the forest on a free weekend august 2018

August was one of the busiest months of my life. I tried to maintain my productivity at both work and my personal life, which eventually resulted in me becoming quite exhausted. This affected my happiness quite significantly, which I want to detail in this Monthly Happiness Report!

My Most Productive Month Ever? – Monthly Happiness Report – July 2018

summer sunset Dordrecht 2018

July might have been my most productive month ever! Not only was my work pretty busy, I also tried to push myself on some other fronts in my life. And I was pretty happy as a result! My biggest positive happiness factor this month was my relationship. I loved spending quality time with my girlfriend in July!

Ups And (slight) Downs – Monthly Happiness Report – June 2018

relaxing on a sunny day in june 2018

Man, I have no idea how but June flew by super fast to me. It was another good month for me with a lot of great moments and happy times. June consisted of quite a bit of relaxing and spending time with my girlfriend. The weather was great and we enjoyed a nice little holiday in Portugal.

Here Comes The Sun – Monthly Happiness Report – May, 2018

Enjoying the sunny weather in the park

May 2018 was a fantastic month for me. Despite a little stress due to the busy work, I really got to enjoy spending time in the beautiful weather with my girlfriend. I have tracked my happiness every single day this month, and I want to show you exactly what made May such a happy month for me!

Weekends With Friends – Monthly Happiness Report – April, 2018

Beautiful spring weather

April was a blast of a month, and I was REALLY happy throughout it all. It is now finally Spring here in the Netherlands, meaning that the weather is getting GOOD. I also spent two great weekends with friends, which really improved my happiness. I want to show you how April influenced my daily happiness!

First month of Spring – Monthly Happiness Report – March, 2018

Out in the forest on a beautiful day April 2018

The first official month of the Spring season was VERY good to me. I really enjoyed spending time with my girlfriend outside in the sun. We were finally settled in our new apartment and spent our time relaxing as much as possible. Yes, March was a fantastic month for my happiness and I would like to show you why!

Moving in with my girlfriend – Monthly Happiness Report – January, 2018

Moving into our first apartment 2018

After having dated for almost 5 years, it was about time my girlfriend and I started living together! We were moving in to the apartment we had found in December. It was a very busy time, which was negatively influenced as I got a pretty big fever. I want to show you how this affected my happiness!