Good days

In the ‘Good days’ post series, I will highlight some of the best days of my life. Not just any days, but the days where I tracked the highest happiness ratings. I will detail some of the journal entries and happiness ratings on specific above-average days. The goal of these series is to show you how exactly I am tracking my happiness. In a best case scenario, it inspires you to determine the added value of tracking happiness and therefore start for yourself.

These posts include the events that happened and how the rating of happiness came to be so high. I hope you find some value in these personal notes!

What do I consider to be a good day? If I rate my day with an 8 or higher, I will consider it to be one of the best days of my life. That’s the main criteria. However, it is all relevant. It’s important to not just look at a single dayrating, but to consider the entire period in which that dayrating has been tracked.

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