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My infected wisdom tooth hole – Bad day – September 4th, 2017

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It’s time for another Bad day post! I got my wisdom teeth removed at the end of August. Even though the surgery itself didn’t make me any happier, it wasn’t that big of a deal. However, what followed a couple of days later was completely and utterly HELLISH. I got an infected wisdom tooth hole, or in other words, I had an abscess inside one of the wounds of my teeth. I want to cover exactly what this awful infection did to my happiness, partially for your enjoyment but also because I might learn something from it as well.

You see, I had been tracking happiness for almost 4 years at this point in my life. I tracked exactly what made me happy and what not. I’m still doing it every single day.

Why I do this? Because I think there is a lot we can learn from our happiness. Things we may know unconsciously, or things we are simply not aware of.

For example, I know exactly how much sleep I need in order to be happy. I have also analysed the exact effect that my relationship has on my happiness. I believe I can steer my life in the best direction based on this collected data.

I would obviously love to discuss something positive in this post. I want to be as happy as possible, just like you. But there is also a lot of knowledge to find in the days when we are unhappy. And September the 4th was one of those days. I was absolutely miserable on that day.

And I want to show you why.

The data

Below is the data that I entered in my personal happiness tracking journal. This is how I rated my happiness on this day.

DateSeptember 4th, 2017
LocationThe Netherlands
Happiness rating3,00
CommentOne of the shittiest days of my life. I woke up this morning at 04:00 because of the pain in my mouth, so had to grab some more ibuprofen. I got to sleep until about 06:50 or something. From that moment, I just waited until I had my appointment with the doctor. By this time, my wounds were fucking killing me.

I had my appointment at 10:20, and tried my best to explain how I felt. By this time, I couldn’t even talk anymore. He wanted to have a look at the wounds but couldn’t see anything because I wasn’t able to move my jaw. Any movement at all caused me extreme pain. So I got referred to the hospital. Thank God. I was already crying because of the constant stress and pain.

After arriving at the hospital, I quickly learned that an abscess was the cause of my hellish pains. After the wisdom teeth removal surgery, one of the wounds developed an infection, that got worse real quickly. It was also the cause of my flu and throat inflamation.

However, I again got referred to another hospital where the doctor was working who had done the initial operation.

I entered hell at around 13:00. I was given a pretty big dose of anaesthesia, which was already painful, But if didn’t work. The infection completely stopped the drugs from working. So I felt EVERYTHING. They removed my stitches one by one, started to cut the wounds in order to clean everything and then jam-packed it with a giant tampon. It was by far the worst pain I ever had. Literally the worst. In the meantime, I was crying like a fucking baby and hyperventilating. Unbelievable.

It continued hurting like hell for a good while after the operation finished. I still couldn’t swallow at all. My mom arrived shortly after to drive me back. We went to two drug stores and got VERY strong painkillers. And ever since I had a couple, things have been getting better.

I feel pretty drugged at the moment, actually. But I think I can finally sleep again tonight. I hope tomorrow will already be much better, since I’m also on serious anti-biotics. I haven’t eaten anything today, I simply couldn’t chew anything. Just my medication and water.

My girlfriend is back from her weekend to Portugal tomorrow, which is nice. I have to go to bed now, I feel too drugged out to even type properly. Bye!
Positive factors
Negative factorsSick, Stress, Pain

So there you have it. Another one of the worst days of my life.

I rated this day with only a 3,0 on my little happiness scale. I had only rated 2 other days with such a bad rating. One of them was when I burned out on my job in Kuwait with a total sleep deprivation. The other one was when my girlfriend and I were on the brink of braking up while in a shitty long distance relationship.

The 4th of September 2017 was right up there with those other days. It was an absolutely terrible day. I was extremely stressed out from the pain, tired from a lack of sleep and sick all because of this infection. It had been a while since I last cried, but this one definitely got me. I would not wish these kind of pains on my worst enemy. It was just hellish.

I luckily recovered relatively quickly after the operation. They put me on pretty serious anti-biotics and pain killers, so my happiness increased relatively fast after this day.

Even better, I was looking forward to an amazing road trip through Norway and Lapland. I was going to leave on the 9th of September, right when my wounds were mostly healed already.

This trip definitely allowed me to forget about the pain of the operation. But I will always have my happiness tracking journal, to show me just how BAD this whole experience was.

Closing words

My advice to you? Do everything you can to prevent your wounds from infecting. I brushed my teeth and flushed my wounds vigorously after my initial operation, but it still didn’t stop my wounds from getting infected. It resulted in one of the worst days of my life. I hope you will learn from my terrible experience, and try your best to steer clear from an abscess like this.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please leave a comment below! I’ll gladly answer any questions you might have!


Bad days: In the ‘Bad days’ post series, I will highlight some of the worst days of my life. Not just any days, but the days where I tracked the lowest happiness ratings. I will detail some of the journal entries and happiness ratings on specific below-average days. The goal of this series is to show you how exactly I am tracking my happiness. In a best case scenario, it inspires you to determine the added value of tracking happiness and therefore start for yourself.


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