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Tracking Happiness Diary – How To Import Data

You can import data into your Tracking Happiness Diary by following these steps. It’s advised to perform these steps while on a desktop/laptop.

If you encountered any issues during these steps, please contact us at

Open your personal database

Every email you receive from the Tracking Happiness Diary contains a link to your personal spreadsheet in the footer.

THD access your data here link footer

This link will direct you to your personal database.

This database is inside a Google Spreadsheet file, so you may need to sign in to your account in order to access it.

Once you’ve opened your personal database, look at the bottom of the page and click on the “Import Data” tab.

THD import data backup sheet tab

It’s important to not change data in any of the other tabs. Also, the names of the tabs must always remain the same.

The import data tab contains a number of column headers:

  • Date (mm-dd-yyyy)
  • Day of Week (number from 1 to 7)
  • Day of Month (number from 1 to 31)
  • Month (number from 1 to 12)
  • Year (number)
  • Weeknumber (number from 1 to 53)
  • Happiness rating (number from 1 to 100)
  • Journal (text)
  • 10x positive (text)
  • 10x negative (text)
THD import data headers

Any data entered in this sheet will be included in your diary and will be presented in your personal dashboard.

How to import an old back-up

This tab can be used to easily import data from another Tracking Happiness Diary.

As long as you actively use your diary, you’ll be sent a weekly back-up file to your email address.

This is a spreadsheet file (Weekly Backup Tracking Happiness Diary.xlsx).

When you open this file, you’ll notice that the column headers are the same as the “Import Data” tab in your personal database.

THD import data backup sheet

Select everything between (and including) cells A2 and AB and copy this range.

Then go back to the personal database page inside your browser.

Select the first empty cell in column A. If you haven’t imported data before, this will be cell A2. Then paste your copied data, and your sheet will contain all the imported data.

THD pasted import data

If you followed the steps in this article, you have now imported your data.

Refreshing your dashboard

The dashboard sometimes needs 15 minutes to refresh after the data has been imported in your personal database.

If you don’t see any changes, please wait a moment and try again.

Please note: the “Import Data” tab can be used to add any data that follows the column headers.

If you encountered any issues during these steps, please contact us at