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Tracking Happiness Diary – How To Edit A Previous Entry

This guide explains how you can edit previous entries in your diary. This is really easy, but you have to follow the steps in this guide carefully. If you edit the wrong data, it could potentially result in errors down the line.

It’s advised to perform these steps while on a desktop/laptop. It can be done on mobile devices as well, but it will be a bit harder to select the proper boxes when you’re on a smaller screen!

If you encountered any issues during these steps, please contact us at

Open your personal database

Every email you receive from the Tracking Happiness Diary contains a link to your personal spreadsheet in the footer.

THD access your data here link footer

This link will direct you to your personal database.

This database is inside a Google Spreadsheet file, so you may need to sign in to your account in order to access it.

Once you’ve opened your personal database, look at the bottom of the page and click on the “Form Input” tab.

THD form input sheet tab

This tab stores the data that you’ve added via your form. The other tabs process this data so that it can be properly stored.

Editing previous entries can only be done in the “Form Input” tab! If you want to add new data to your diary, please follow our guide on “How To Import Data”.

It’s important to not change data in any of the other tabs. Also, the names of the tabs must always remain the same.

Editing previous entries

This tab contains every entry that you’ve made via the form.

Each entry is stored in a row. The columns contain the form questions that you’ve answered with each entry.

THD form input edit data

Find the entry that you want to edit.

You can edit all the data in this sheet. But you have to make sure that you do not change the formatting!

Change the date of an entry

When you make an entry through the form, you can optionally pick a custom date of your entry. In this case, the custom date will be stored in column F.

If you don’t pick a custom date for your entry, the diary will default to the current date. In this case, the entry date will be stored in column A.

You can edit both columns, but you have to make sure that the date formatting remains the same.

Dates inside the Tracking Happiness Diary are always stored in the MM-dd-YYYY format.

Change the happiness rating of an entry

Changing the happiness rating of an entry is as easy as changing the number stored in column B.

Make sure to keep the number between 1 and 100.

Change the happiness factors of an entry

Changing the happiness factors is done in columns C and D.

  • The positive factors are stored in column C.
  • The negative factors are stored in column D.

Make sure to place a comma and a space “, ” between each happiness factor! For example, “Running,Relationship” is incorrect, and should be added as “Running, Relationhip”.

You can add up to 10 positive factors and 10 negative factors per entry. If you exceed this number, any factors beyond the 10th factor will not be included in your dashboard.

Change the journal text of an entry

You can edit your journal entry by editing column E.

This is a text field, so you can add whatever you want in here.

Refreshing your dashboard

The dashboard sometimes needs 15 minutes to refresh after the data has been imported in your personal database.

If you don’t see any changes, please wait a moment and try again.

If you encountered any issues during these steps, please contact us at