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Tracking Happiness Diary – How To Cancel Your Subscription

Canceling your Tracking Happiness Diary subscription is easy. Follow these easy steps to cancel right away:

1. Canceling your subscription

Access and login to your customer portal page, by navigating to the following address:

If you’re not logged in already, follow this helpful guide.

When you’re logged in to the customer portal page, you’ll see this page:

THD customer portal page

On this page, use the dropdown box in the upper right corner and select “Cancel Subscription”.

THD customer portal cancel

A small window will show up. Click “Cancel Subscription” again to confirm your cancellation.

THD cancel subscription button

Upon canceling, please check your email inbox.

It should contain a confirmation of your cancelation.

THD cancellation email inbox

You can continue to use the Tracking Happiness Diary until the end date of your subscription period.

At the end of this period, we will send you a goodbye email with a final copy of the data you entered in your diary. Shortly thereafter, your data files and account information will be removed from all of our systems.

2. Leave us feedback

Please reply to the cancelation email with feedback on why you canceled your subscription.

Did the Tracking Happiness Diary not meet your expectations, or was it missing something you really needed?

With your feedback, we hope to improve the value of the Tracking Happiness Diary.

3. Resubscribe?

Want to cancel your cancelation?

If you change your mind and want to continue using your Tracking Happiness Diary, you have to resubscribe before the end of your paid/trial period.

As soon as you cancel your account, your customer portal page shows the final date of your period.

THD customer portal cancel end date

If you change your mind before this date, you can restart your subscription by clicking the big “Resubscribe” button.

A new window will open up, which prompts you to enter your payment details again.

THD resubscribe window

When you successfully resubscribe your account, you will be redirected to our Thank You page. This means that your subscription was succesfully restored.

From here, you can go back to the customer portal page, and you can manage your active subscription again.

At the end of your period, your creditcard will be charged automatically. When your card is successfully charged, you will receive a confirmation email of your payment. This email indicates that your subscription is fully restored.

If you encountered any issues during these steps, please contact us at