Studying My Happiness Journal – Lessons Learned [2018]

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Now that 2018 is over, I want to study my happiness journal in order to learn from it. This article contains a lot of visualizations about how my year has been. In the end, I set out a plan to make 2019 an even happier year!

Yearly Happiness Statistics – 2017 [Complete analysis]

I have analysed my entire year of happiness 2017. This allows me to look back at all the factors that had an influence on my happiness. I want to use this data as much as possible, to make sure I know exactly how to make 2018 an even better year!

Yearly Happiness Statistics – 2016 [Complete analysis]

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2016 was the best year of my life, according to my happiness tracking journal. My average happiness rating of the year came down to a staggering 7.91. I want to show you exactly how 2016 became the happiest year of my life!