Christmas Time In Lockdown – December, 2020

december 2020 happiness diary featured

December 2020 taught me to be grateful for the things I have: my wonderful girlfriend, my health and my boring hobbies. Here’s a recap of another uneventful month in lockdown!

Ultimate Happiness On Sabbatical? – October 2020

happiness journal october 2020 featured

I can’t believe how fast October has flown by. My girlfriend and I are trying to keep our sabbatical going, and it’s quite a challenge amidst constant shifting with regards to covid regulations. Still, October was another fantastic month!

My Happiness Journal During The Start Of A Pandemic – March 2020

March was abnormal. Most of this month was spent in a semi-lockdown, while the rest was plagued by a lot of stress at work. This update focuses on how my happiness was impacted by these things. All in all, my happiness ratings were not that great, but still OK!

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