Examples of Emotional Self Awareness And Why You Need It

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It sometimes seems hard to keep a level head in the chaotic and stressful world we live in today. A skill that we should all learn to develop is called emotional self-awareness. This article is about how you can train this skill for yourself. It contains a lot of actionable examples of how emotional self-awareness can be recognized, trained and optimized!

Grateful vs. Thankful: What’s The Difference? (Answer + Examples)

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This post covers the concepts of being grateful vs. being thankful. Although they are practically synonyms, there is still a difference between these two ideas. But more than anything, this post will show you actionable methods that you can use right away to become more grateful and thankful. This will make you a better version of yourself, while also increasing the happiness on our little planet!

Diary vs. Journal: What’s The Difference? (Answer + Examples)

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I’ve been an avid journaler and diarist for 5 years now, but always wondered: what’s the exact difference between a diary and a journal? This short article sets out to answer that question once and for all, using some fun and creative methods!

The Best Leather Journals For Your Specific Needs (2020)

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I’m reviewing leather journals for a change! I started my journaling career in a journal, and always thought leather journals were a form of art. Nothing beats a leather-bound journal full of pages filled to the brim with amazing stories, memories, and drawings. That’s why I have handpicked the best genuine leather-bound journals for your specific needs! If you’re going to start journaling, you better get yourself a great leather journal!

Happy Mornings – Research On Personal Happiness And Waking Up

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As a follow-up to my first sleep study, I have analyzed 1,272 nights of sleep and happiness tracking data in order to find out if waking up early has any influence on my happiness! This study includes my entire set of data, from my wacky sleep rhythm to my alarm clock times. I embark on a journey to find out if waking up early is beneficial for my happiness.

Interview With Happiness Expert Alejandro Cencerrado

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A couple of weeks ago, I got in touch with Alex, an analyst at the Happiness Research Institute. Turns out Alex has tracked his happiness for the last 13 years! He lives and breathes like a data analyst, and happens to be passionate about happiness just like all of us! In this interview, he shares how he started, what he has learned from tracking his happiness and explains some of the work he does regarding happiness research!

What You Can Learn From Tracking Your Happiness! (Case Study)

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This is the first community post here on Tracking Happiness. Joining us here is Sanjay, and he is about to share what he has learned from tracking his happiness for the past half year. It began with a simple routine of recording my happiness levels every day. He didn’t think too much of it at the time, but soon enough his life started changing. This first community post shows exactly how he improved his life!

Does Salary Justify Your Happiness Sacrifice At Work? [+Survey Results]

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After publishing my in-depth analysis of happiness at work, I turned to Reddit for more opinions on this interesting topic. The reaction I got was insane. I didn’t originally plan this post, but it now includes all of the reactions I received on Reddit. It shows how the community of Reddit feels towards their jobs, and if they need to sacrifice a lot of happiness for it. The article ends with a call to action, to inspire others to think about this interesting question as well to continue the discussions!

Am I Happy At Work? [analyzing my entire career from day 0]

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From the day I started working, I have always wondered if I really enjoyed my job. After analysing my happiness throughout my entire career, I have finally found the answer to these questions. Join me on this happy journey that starts on day 0 of my career, and find out how you too can find out if your work makes you happy!

How To Be Happy Everyday [& 15 Powerful Methods]

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We all want to be happy every single day. So what’s keeping us from being happy? This article will cover powerful and actionable methods that you can use┬átoday in order to become happy.