Announcing The New Tracking Happiness Diary (New!)

THD launch featured

We’re excited to announce that the Tracking Happiness Diary is now available to everyone. After a successful launch for our email subscribers, we’re now confident in opening up to the rest of the world. Learn more here!

Are Sociopaths Happy? (Explained By Psychology And Examples)

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Can sociopaths be as happy as “normal people”? This article explores the little research that’s available and answers this question as thoroughly as possible. Happiness and sociopathy is a topic that we can still learn a lot about. This is only just the tip of the iceberg!

Tracking Happiness’ 2 Year Anniversary

tracking happiness anniversary 2 year

Celebration time! Tracking Happiness is 2 years old. To honor this beautiful milestone, I wanted to quickly look back at how far this website has come since the 1st of April 2017, when I launched it. This post is about the story of how Tracking Happiness continues to grow into something bigger!

Daylio Review – What You Can Learn From Tracking Your Mood

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I’m reviewing Daylio, the best mood tracking app that is currently available for download on your smartphone. And that’s quite a thing to say for someone who has tracked his happiness for over 5 years! You can read about all the things that Daylio does really well here in this review.