Sociopaths: Can They be Happy? (What Does it Mean to Be One?)

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Can sociopaths be as happy as "normal people"? This article explores the little research that's available and answers this question as thoroughly as possible. Happiness and sociopathy is a topic that we can still learn a lot about. This is only just the tip of the iceberg!

Tracking Happiness' 2 Year Anniversary

tracking happiness anniversary 2 year

Celebration time! Tracking Happiness is 2 years old. To honor this beautiful milestone, I wanted to quickly look back at how far this website has come since the 1st of April 2017, when I launched it. This post is about the story of how Tracking Happiness continues to grow into something bigger!

Daylio Review - What You Can Learn From Tracking Your Mood

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I'm reviewing Daylio, the best mood tracking app that is currently available for download on your smartphone. And that's quite a thing to say for someone who has tracked his happiness for over 5 years! You can read about all the things that Daylio does really well here in this review.

Grateful vs. Thankful: What's The Difference? (Answer + Examples)

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This post covers the concepts of being grateful vs. being thankful. Although they are practically synonyms, there is still a difference between these two ideas. But more than anything, this post will show you actionable methods that you can use right away to become more grateful and thankful. This will make you a better version of yourself, while also increasing the happiness on our little planet!

Diary vs. Journal: What's The Difference? (Answer + Examples)

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I've been an avid journaler and diarist for 5 years now, but always wondered: what's the exact difference between a diary and a journal? This short article sets out to answer that question once and for all, using some fun and creative methods!