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Interview With Happiness Expert Alejandro Cencerrado

A couple of weeks ago, I got in touch with Alex, an analyst at the Happiness Research Institute. Turns out Alex has tracked his happiness for the last 13 years! He lives and breathes like a data analyst, and happens to be passionate about happiness just like all of us! In this interview, he shares how he started, what he has learned from tracking his happiness and explains some of the work he does regarding happiness research!

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What You Can Learn From Tracking Your Happiness! (Case Study)

This is the first community post here on Tracking Happiness. Joining us here is Sanjay, and he is about to share what he has learned from tracking his happiness for the past half year. It began with a simple routine of recording my happiness levels every day. He didn't think too much of it at the time, but soon enough his life started changing. This first community post shows exactly how he improved his life!

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Does Salary Justify Your Happiness Sacrifice At Work? [+Survey Results]

After publishing my in-depth analysis of happiness at work, I turned to Reddit for more opinions on this interesting topic. The reaction I got was insane. I didn't originally plan this post, but it now includes all of the reactions I received on Reddit. It shows how the community of Reddit feels towards their jobs, and if they need to sacrifice a lot of happiness for it. The article ends with a call to action, to inspire others to think about this interesting question as well to continue the discussions!