Tracking Happiness’ 2 Year Anniversary

tracking happiness anniversary 2 year

Celebration time! Tracking Happiness is 2 years old. To honor this beautiful milestone, I wanted to quickly look back at how far this website has come since the 1st of April 2017, when I launched it. This post is about the story of how Tracking Happiness continues to grow into something bigger!

What Makes Introverts Happy (How To, Tips & Examples)

what makes introverts happy featured image

A common misconception about introverts is that we’re shy and don’t want to be around others. I’ve contacted 8 others and asked them a very simple question: “what makes you happy?”. These are real-life examples of what makes introverts happy.

4 Real Examples Of Materialism (+ How To Be Happier Instead)

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You may be a victim of materialism without knowing it. This article contains actual examples of materialism and how others have countered it! It contains causes, remedies, and cures for this sneaky bad habit. In the end, I want to show you real examples of how you can be happier without feeding your materialistic needs.

I Am Not Happy With My Life – 11 Actionable Remedies

i am not happy with my life featured image

This post walks you through the steps you can take right away in order to start finding happiness again. This article will not contain advice such as “just cheer up”. Instead, this post focuses on advice that you can implement in your life right now, in order to start building towards a happier future.

What Is Happiness? – My Essay On Defining Your Happiness

What is happiness essay featured image

This essay covers the question “what is happiness” in great detail. Happiness changes from person to person. There is no universal definition of happiness. You have to find your own definition, and you can do so with the help of this essay!

What I’ve Learned From My Burnout Journal (2019)

burnout journal featured image

At the end of 2018, I entered a chaotic period that lasted until January 2019. During this period, I noticed some clear symptoms of burnout. This post is about what I’ve learned from journaling throughout this burnout period.

Daylio Review – What You Can Learn From Tracking Your Mood

daylio review featured image

I’m reviewing Daylio, the best mood tracking app that is currently available for download on your smartphone. And that’s quite a thing to say for someone who has tracked his happiness for over 5 years! You can read about all the things that Daylio does really well here in this review.

Examples of a Positive Mental Attitude and Why You Need It

examples of positive mental attiude featured image

Here’s a concept that will help you be happy despite the growing issues in this world: a Positive Mental Attitude. Our happiness is determined for a big part by our own decisions. We can control how we decide to react to things, which is something you can train based on these examples. This post shows you how to utilize your Positive Mental Attitude!

20 Rules To Live By For A Happier Life in 2019

Rules to live by for a happier life header

Looking for actionable rules to live by to make 2019 a happier year? I’ve tried to summarize 20 rules that are original, simple and effective. Let’s try and make 2019 a great year together!

The Happiness Quotient: What is it and how to test yours!

happiness quotient image

The happiness quotient is a great way for you to test what you really value in your life: what makes you the happiest? This post includes what it is, how you can learn from it and also provides a simple test so you can find out for yourself!